Is Height A Deal-Breaker In Relationships? Woman Shocks Internet, Goes Around Bar Using Tape Measure To Find Tall Partner

Is Height A Deal-Breaker In Relationships? Woman Shocks Internet, Goes Around Bar Using Tape Measure To Find Tall Partner

A recent viral video has taken the internet by storm as men and women gather around to debate whether the height of your partner is actually a deal-breaker in a relationship or not.

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Who Was The Woman Who Savagely Pulled Out The Tape Measure?

Woman Brings Tape Measure To Bar

Well, while the identity of the woman who pulled the ultimate savage move at a bar outing is unknown, women online are calling her the messiah for single women in the modern dating scene. 

What Was Extraordinary About The Woman In The Video?

Woman Brings Tape Measure To Bar

Anyone who saw the video go viral on the internet was either completely on board with the woman’s savage trick to find a partner or was beating her bold actions to the ground. So, what was the fuss all about?   

The internet was shocked by the woman’s unusual actions because, unlike a typical night out on the town, the woman went ahead and brought a tape measure with her to the bar. She used the tape to measure the men she met and note their heights before chasing a potential relationship. 

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Although the exact motivations behind the anonymous woman’s tape measure plans have not been revealed, folks figured that it had something to do with a trend going around where women claim they would not date men who are shorter than six feet.

Where Did The Incident Take Place?

Woman Brings Tape Measure To Bar

Like most bizarre things happening on the internet, the origins of this viral video are also unknown. 

Why Do Dating Coaches Hate Such Trends?

Woman Brings Tape Measure To Bar

Matchmaker Sofi Papamarko wrote in a piece for The Star, “One of my biggest pet peeves as a matchmaker is when women tell me that they would never date anyone shorter than six feet tall, thus preemptively the vast majority of men, sight unseen.”

Papamarko disagreed with the logic: “When I ask these women why they would discount all but a mere 10 to 15 percent of the human male population, they usually answer they’re ‘not attracted to guys shorter than six feet’.”

She added, “When pressed further, these women (of all heights, incidentally) reveal they ‘like to wear heels’ or want to ‘feel like a girl’ as if certain heights were more inherently masculine or feminine than others.”

How Did The Internet React To The Viral Video?

Woman Brings Tape Measure To Bar

While women hailed the girl in the video for sticking to her standards, men, unsurprisingly, had a violent repulsion towards the video. Most came forward to issue their grievances about such strict dating criteria and fought back by suggesting that they enter bars with measuring tapes and weighing machines as revenge. 

However, many understood that the video was most likely a hilarious conversation starter or just a prank. 

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Does height actually matter that much?

— Alex (@dos14_) October 16, 2023

Men, start bringing these to the bar.

— Stoic&Meme (@ZenStoic28) October 16, 2023

She wouldn’t have to do this if men stopped lying about it

— The Tesla Hoe (@TheTeslaHoe) October 16, 2023

Why does height matter so much to y’all though. Dude could be a total tool but if he has a 6 in front of his height it’s ok.

— Matt Wallace (@MattWallace1701) October 16, 2023

At the club entrance, there shouldn’t be bouncers.There should be tape measures, scales, credit checks, FBI background checks, Instagram checks, bank statements…..

— Evander Smart (@EvanderSmartBTC) October 16, 2023

Watch The Viral Video Here

Bringing measuring tape to a bar is wild 💀

— Wild content (@NoCapFights) October 16, 2023

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