International Day of Sex Workers 2023: History, Meaning and Other Important Details


International Day of Sex Workers 2023: The world celebrates International Day of Sex Workers with the aim of highlighting the rampant exploitation of all sex workers, as well as their worst working conditions.

International Day of S*x Workers, On June 2 of each year, the world celebrates this Day with the aim of highlighting the rampant exploitation of all S*x workers as well as their worst working conditions, that is, how they deal with all on a daily, and also raising awareness among all S*x workers about how people abuse and victimize S*x workers.

International Day of Sex Workers 2023 History and meaning

On June 2, 1975, around 100 S*x workers gathered in Lyon, France, at the Saint-Nizier church. They had all come together to express their outrage, frustration and anger at their criminalized and exploitative living situations. Not only that, but all the S*x workers hung a banner from the bell tower with part of the phrase “Our sons don’t want their mothers to go to jail.” They also started a media effort to reach millions of people with their message and concerns.

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Interestingly, after all this, the event was shown on every TV channel and in every newspaper, and sex workers went on strike across France to leave a legacy of activism. All S*x workers at the Saint-Nizier church demanded an end to police harassment, the reopening of hotels for their employment and an independent investigation into the murders of S*x workers. The event had the participation of all S*x workers and lasted eight days.

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ISWD is an international day of memory and action to promote social justice, prevent violence and protect S*x workers around the world. It was founded in 1995 by S*x workers’ rights activists who wanted to create an international day of mourning and action. The main objective is to create tangible policy suggestions that can be adopted locally, nationally and internationally.

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