Instagram Marketing – Unlocking the Most Crucial Elements: Tips for Businesses

Instagram Marketing – Unlocking the Most Crucial Elements: Tips for Businesses

It’s no secret that over the past few years, the presence of a business in an online environment is a necessary step to form a customer base and generate new orders. Social media is a powerful tool for entrepreneurs and influencers, but not everyone knows how to use it wisely.

When it comes to promotion, the first platform is Instagram. And this is not surprising, because the resource offers a lot of opportunities for business owners: here you can effectively interact with your audience, form the voice of the brand and market. However, in order to get ahead and stand out from the competition, you need to understand what steps to take.

Trends on the online space change each other at lightning speed – what was relevant last year may already be an indicator of bad taste today. That’s why we created this guide and collected all the necessary elements for effective marketing in 2023.

We’ll also talk about the world of paid promotion, and you’ll learn how advertising companies like Viplikes can help your brand grow online in a few days. Get ready to dive deep into modern IG marketing. Keep reading!


1. Authentic and Original Content is the Key to the Audience’s Heart

Gone are the days when monotonous similar posts in the feed were in fashion. Today, in a competitive environment, such a model of behavior and feed formation won’t help you attract new subscribers. On the contrary, it can alienate potential customers.  Authentic products, like posts, sell much better than anything else. Why? The answer is simple – they have worth.

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This is especially evident in the examples of big old brands: during their existence, they gain the trust and recognition of the audience through marketing and original products. Consequently, their products are sold many times more than a small local company. However, nothing prevents you from following their example. In the conditions of rapidly developing technologies, it is easier to do this than a few decades ago.

Therefore, focus on creating something new and unusual. Listen to your customers, try not to copy someone else’s behavior model on IG and create what you love. This is a long and painstaking work, but it’ll bring you excellent results after a while.

2. Use Live Shopping


Another crucial element that you should add to your strategy today is live shopping. What is it? In simple words, this is an opportunity to showcase your product and sell it. If earlier this option was available to customers only on the company’s website, today it is quite real through a social network.

Enabling this option is not only convenient for your customers, but also has a great effect on statistics. As the experience of many companies shows, the number of orders has increased, and the engagement rate has also improved.

Keep in mind that adding a couple of photos of products on a white background to the section is not enough to stand out. Create collections (for example, gifts for friends) and various outfits with your products to show users how they can use them in real life. Also, be sure to tag the prices and the name of the product in the usual posts – if the user likes what he sees, it will be much easier to place an order.

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3. Shoot Reels


Remember the days when photos and text were the main content? Forget it, it’s different now. Video content in the current IG is the king. Without funny, impressive and interesting short clips, your chances of expanding your customer base and promotion are close to zero. As practice shows, Reels have become the main type of content on the platform, and this means that the lion’s share of users expect videos from you on a regular basis.

What is the advantage of Reels? You never know which video the algorithms will recommend to users. But if this happens, you’ll see the result immediately. Just imagine: if your clip is seen by several million people, you won’t have to spend money on advertising and will save most of the budget.

But how to create a viral clip? Rely on current trends – surely your target audience likes funny videos with memes (literally everyone loves them), so hurry up to create a few with your products. You can also tell the story of your brand in an interesting and visually stylish way to develop user confidence in your company. There are many options here, choose what you like.

4. Invest wisely


Entrepreneurs and influencers quickly realized that delegating some tasks and investing in their page is one of the basic steps on the way to online success. Paid promotion can be different: hiring specialists, using professional incentives, targeted advertising or cooperation with popular bloggers. Any of these options is effective, but they differ in speed and prices.

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So, the first option will cost you several hundred dollars a month, the second only a few dollars, and the third and fourth from $20 to infinity. Despite the fact that all options except the second one cost a lot of money, they are no less effective than the cheapest ones. Therefore, you can not overpay, especially if you are just starting your journey.

Let’s talk about incentives: which boost can you buy? Generally speaking, absolutely any that you need right now. These can be likes, comments, views, subscribers or more specific metrics. Advertising companies provide them almost at lightning speed, and last but not least, all interactions come from real users. This tactic will allow you to save a lot of money, but at the same time accelerate the growth of your account.

5. Encourage user-generated content


Finally, encourage satisfied clients to create content with your products. Repost their Stories and posts to your feed, save them and thank them. User-generated content is genuine feedback from your customers about a product or service that will certainly attract a new audience. It’s also great word of mouth – so be sure to include encouragement in your strategy. We wish you success!

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