Ingenious Jugaad: Bajaj Pulsar Fitted With Tractor Tyre Stuns The Internet

Ingenious Jugaad: Bajaj Pulsar Fitted With Tractor Tyre Stuns The Internet

Individuals continue to redefine the bounds of what is possible in the dynamic environment of modern society and the ever-evolving realm of social media. 

Humans all throughout the world push the boundaries of innovation and inventiveness, astounded and inspired by their astounding vehicular experiments. We must have seen many bizarre automobile adaptations in the past, and here is another. 

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Who modified the Bajaj Pulsar? 

bike with tractor tyre
Instagram Screengrab

A man riding a Bajaj Pulsar has just become a phenomenon in this space, but it’s not your usual motorcycle. The massive tractor tyre that has been imaginatively mounted to the bike’s front wheel is what distinguishes this ride. Mr. HiFi shared the video on Instagram, where it quickly gained attention.

What changes did they make to the bike?

bike with tractor tyre
Instagram Screengrab

A few changes were made to the bike in order to mount the tyre. To begin, the stock tyre was removed, and a modified fork was created to ensure that the tractor’s tyre would fit on the bike. 

Why is the bizarre makeover not a surprise?

People give some truly weird makeovers to their automobiles, from eccentric automotive modifications to unusual paint jobs, and these vehicular transformation films go beyond traditional car reviews.

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As the video unfolds, it shows a man biking on public highways as well as on damaged roads. The rider appears to have good control of the motorcycle, which glides over any surface with ease. 

How did the people on the internet react?

This weird yet captivating act has captivated the internet, garnering an astounding 2,64,000 likes on Instagram and 1.4k views on YouTube, and the numbers are still rising. The breathtaking video has elicited a flood of emotions from viewers. 

“Wow!” exclaimed one awestruck viewer. True Indian invention, or ‘Jugaad,’ as we call it, knows no limitations!” “Ghost rider from Meesho,” another said playfully. 

“Nice idea; the next Nobel is waiting,” one commenter said. “Yah sab hamare India mein hi Khali talent milega,” said one account. However, not all of the reactions were delightful.

A viewer concerned about the bike rider’s safety provided some advice. He went on to say, “While this is undeniably fascinating, it’s best to avoid attempting such stunts in crowded places to ensure safety.” 

Another user jokingly referred to the rider as the “Indian ghost rider,” making comparisons to the renowned character famed for his daring motorbike feats. Watch the viral video here. 

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