Indian man’s touching gesture at graduation ceremony makes his mother proud

Indian man's touching gesture at graduation ceremony makes his mother proud

Graduation is an important event in the life of every student and everyone enjoys celebrating it in a unique way. Videos showing students celebrating their academic triumphs in unorthodox ways, from yelling out loud to performing hook steps, appear frequently online.

Between these moments, one person in particular caught the attention of the internet. Watch the viral video here to find out what he did.

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Indian student expresses joy in most unique way at graduation

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During his graduation ceremony, a Sikh boy proudly said, “Mami Main Pass Ho Gaya” (Mom, I passed), expressing his achievement.

Many videos of Indian students studying abroad have gained popularity on social media. These videos capture unforgettable moments from their graduation ceremonies as students express their joy in a variety of ways.

Students celebrate their academic triumphs with gusto, from cheering loudly to imitating the hook moves of Punjabi singers. Among these events, a student stood out with a one-of-a-kind act of his during his graduation ceremony. On stage, a Sikh boy boldly said, “Mummy main pass ho gaya” (Mom, I passed), showing his achievement.

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The video has quickly gained popularity on social media.

Nirmal Singh Gill posted the images on his Instagram account. The video begins with the teacher calling out the boy’s name during the graduation ceremony.

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The Sikh boy walks confidently across the stage as he enthusiastically delivers the energetic statement, to which the audience applauds. Then he proceeded, shaking the professor’s hand. “Shukrana (grateful),” the video’s caption reads.

The humorous video, which was posted just three days ago, went viral on Instagram, with more than 11.1 million views and 1.6 million likes, and the number is still growing. People applauded the young man for his achievement in commenting on the video; this is what they wrote.

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