Incredible Images Of A ‘Galactic Romance’

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NASA turned to Instagram to present a captivating image depicting ‘galactic romance’. The space agency captured photographs of a cosmic collision. The post will most likely leave you in awe.

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NASA shared stunning images of cosmic collisions 

 Incredible Images Of A ‘Galactic Romance’
NASA shared images of a galactic romance | Image: Instagram

“Caught in a galactic romance. Cosmic collisions happen when galaxies are so close to each other that their mutual gravitational pull draws them together. Although these interactions happen over the course of millions and millions of years, our Hubble Space Telescope has helped us observe these galaxy mergers in progress.,” NASA wrote in the caption. 

What did the images feature?

NASA | Image: Instagram

While describing the images, the space agency added, “A collection of images depicting colliding galaxies, as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope. Some galaxies appear distorted out of their original shape and look like clouds of gas and dust. Spiral arms have been pulled apart from spiral galaxies and some galaxies have been formed into a cosmic streamer. Shades of blue, pink. and white dominate the galaxies. Smaller galaxies and stars are seen in the background with the darkness of space”. 

How did people on the internet react?

The post was shared on Instagram a day ago and has received nearly 9 lakh likes. It has also received numerous remarks from people. 

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“It looks like Valentine’s Day, and the universe gives us so many emotions,” commented one Instagram user. “Perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s Day,” commented another. “Amazing! These photographs create beautiful romanticism! Joined a third. “Awesome, very cool,” said a fourth. 

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