I’m A Self Made Millionaire At Just 22 After Quitting Apprenticeship – People Who Work 9 To 5 Are Wasting Their Lives

I'm A Self Made Millionaire At Just 22 After Quitting Apprenticeship - People Who Work 9 To 5 Are Wasting Their Lives

A MAN who became a self-made millionaire after dropping out of an apprenticeship claimed that people who worked nine to five were wasting their lives.

Cam Moar, 22, is enjoying the good life after he quit his day job to start an e-commerce business, which has since taken off.

4At just 22 years old, Cam Moar became a self-made millionaireCredit: Jam Press/@cam_moarHe started his own eCommerce company and is now worth $1 million4He started his own e-commerce company and is now worth $1 millionCredit: Jam Press/@cam_moarNow you can afford a luxury vacation whenever you want.4Now you can pay for luxury vacations whenever you wantCredit: Jam Press/@cam_moar

Since then, the South Australian man has traded construction sites for glamorous holidays, which he said anyone could pull off.

He originally started a carpentry apprenticeship but quit six months before it was finished.

Cam said he was sick of working “grueling” 12-hour shifts, five days a week for very little pay.

Despite her parents’ reservations, she gave up her trusted career in 2020 and dreamed big in the e-commerce industry.

But the risk paid off, as the 22-year-old now earns up to $250,000 (£130,717) a month and is worth $1 million (£522,870).

He told the Daily Mail that he was impressed when the money started coming in.

He said: “Of course there is risk involved because he was alone and I think that’s what scares a lot of people.”

“They are wasting their lives without thinking about my opinion.

“They are taught that all you do in life is go to school, then get a degree or a trade, buy a house and spend the rest of your life paying for it.

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“I stuck to that mindset for a while, but once I realized how much money I could make working for myself, I would never go back.”

The young Australian is now enjoying the life he always wanted and teaching people about the e-commerce industry through his company, Six Figure Drop Shipper.

Since launching her brand in 2020, she has mentored over 2,500 people.

Cam said that he had no intention of stopping anytime soon because he wanted others to reach their full potential.

He said: “I want to open people’s eyes to what is possible.

“I don’t hate them for being sheep, I just want them to see what they can do with their lives instead of spending it working and soul destroying nine to five.”

Since becoming a millionaire, Came now lives in a luxurious £630,000 three-bedroom waterfront house in Adelaide.

He also owns a BMW M5 and is regularly seen enjoying expensive getaways via his social media.

Aside from the high life, the savvy entrepreneur admitted he was glad he had a chance at life.

He said: “I enjoyed carpentry, which is why I did carpentry.

“It was great at first, but it quickly became boring and monotonous, like most jobs.

“Now every day is really different and I am the master of my own destiny.

“It could fall apart at any moment and that’s always on my mind, but at the same time, I’m living a dream life.”

A pair of brothers have also given up their blue-collar jobs to focus on a side business, now bringing in more than £330,000 a year.

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It comes after a barista revealed how she makes an extra £7,000 a month from her very unusual side job.

Cam gave up his carpentry apprenticeship to pursue his dreams.4Cam gave up his carpentry apprenticeship to pursue his dreamsCredit: Jam Press/@cam_moar

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