I’m a Plus Size and Took an Aerie Haul – Crop Tops and Shorts Are Chunky Girl Approved

I'm a Plus Size and Took an Aerie Haul - Crop Tops and Shorts Are Chunky Girl Approved

A PLUS SIZES woman added to her summer wardrobe with her favorite Aerie finds.

She was pleasantly surprised at how flattering the crop top and shorts ensemble was, calling the haul her best yet.

3A plus size fashion girl turned to Aerie for cute summer briefs and was impressed with the stylesCredit: TikTok/taytayymarieHis second choice was his least favorite of the three, but he still noticed how comfortable it was.3Her second option was her least favorite of the three, but she still noticed how comfortable it wasCredit: TikTok/taytayymarie

After seeing the adorable outfits other girls found at Aerie, fashionista Taylor Pullan (@taytayymarie) gave the brand a try to see if it was “fat girl-approved.”

“I keep seeing everyone talk about how great Aerie is lately, but I haven’t seen anyone try on something that has a hunky body like mine,” he began in the clip.

“So let’s try on some pieces I ordered and see what the chunky girl approves of.”

The first outfit she tried on was a $20 pink crop top with matching $32 shorts that flared out to accentuate her legs.

“I’m working to get out of my comfort zone this summer, and this is not something I would normally wear.”

Taylor admitted that normally she would throw on a jean jacket or extra layer to hide her body, but she wasn’t going to do that anymore.

“This is fucking cute. I love this print, I love how it looks, it’s adorable.”

She shared her words to live by: “I must remember that style is not size. Wear the damn outfit.

Sticking with the pink, she donned a comfortable $50 bubblegum long-sleeve top and $20 shorts.

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“This would be so easy to pair with anything, and I love the shade of pink they have.”

Although she liked the shorts, she noticed that they weren’t as roomy as she’d like.

“I am not in love.”

Her third outfit, however, got her going again.

Although the $30 athletic skirt and $26 top were “way out of her comfort zone,” she said the soft material and flirty silhouette made it a win.

“This skirt! My God, this is so good,” she admired.

The shorts under the skirt made it easy to get through the day, with Taylor noting that she was going to “wear it all the time.”

3Taylor concluded that the brand sold outfits that were “chunky girl approved,” including this pink oneCredit: TikTok/taytayymarie

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