I got duplicate Skims from Amazon for just $26; it’s less than half the price of Kim’s brand and I’m ordering all the colors

I got duplicate Skims from Amazon for just $26;  it's less than half the price of Kim's brand and I'm ordering all the colors

CHEAPER is always better and one fashion influencer agrees after spotting a duplicate Skims for half the price.

The content creator adored the $26 tank and boxers find that she said she was opposed to the real deal.

2Kate, a fashion influencer, shared her faux Amazon find for the Skims tank and boxersCredit: TikTok/haulswithkb

Kate Bannister (@haulswithkb) shared Skims’ hoaxes in a video with over 200,000 followers on TikTok.

“Finally got my hands on the Skims tank top and briefs…here they are,” he said, rocking the gray ensemble.

“And guess what? It’s from Amazon,” he joked. “I’ve done it again and I think this is the best Amazon inspired item I’ve found.”

The influencer praised the two-piece deception: “Actually soft cotton material that’s super stretchy, not the polyester that’s weird to the touch.”

“And keep in mind that the Skims tank is $32 and the boxers are the same price, so you can get both pieces for less than the price of one,” he added.

Aside from grey, the $26 set comes in two shades of pink, brown, cocoa, black, and teal.

Obviously, the influencer didn’t settle for just one colorway: “I’m going to order all the colors as soon as possible,” she said.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on their find.

“SLAY, RUNNING,” said one convinced commenter.

“Omg shopping now,” another said.

“Just ordered in brown and pink purr,” said a third.

“Adding to cart ASAP, thanks for sharing all the best Amazon finds!” said a quarter.

She raved about the $26 game2 She raved about the $26 setCredit: TikTok/haulswithkb

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