I am a dog trainer, the breed I would never recommend to families…they are personal bodyguards and too much to handle

I am a dog trainer, the breed I would never recommend to families...they are personal bodyguards and too much to handle

HAVE you made the big decision to welcome a dog into your home but aren’t sure which breed to choose?

Well, you might just want to listen, because a dog trainer, known as americanstandardk9 on TikTok, revealed the breed he would never recommend for families.

2A dog trainer revealed that he would never recommend the Doberman Pinscher for familiesCredit: Tiktok – @americanstandardk9Dog genius says it's hard to keep dog's focus2Dog genius says it’s hard to keep the dog’s focusCredit: Tiktok – @americanstandardk9

And that’s not good news if you’re a fan of the Doberman Pinscher.

In the clip, he begins: “The main reason I would never recommend Doberman Pinschers to most families is because they were originally bred, to be amazing personal bodyguards, which they always have.

“They’re almost a bit like squirrels or a bit like space cadets.”

He goes on to say that it’s also “very difficult to keep their attention.”

Demonstrating what she means by the walking Doberman Pinscher, she continues, “She’s with me, but she’s also trying to pick up as much information as possible from the left, in front, right, behind us.”

“She’s watching, sniffing, and seeing everything in case there’s a bogeyman hiding behind the tree over there.

“She wants to be ready to protect me and that’s the problem with Dobermans: they’re super squirrels, they’re always scanning their surroundings and it’s very hard to keep their focus for more than a few seconds.”

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The dog professional concludes by adding that he’s not saying they’re not great dogs, just that they’re a bit more “handling dogs” in most circumstances.

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The video has since gone viral, garnering a whopping 1.1 million views and hundreds of comments, with many pet owners quick to offer their opinions.

“I don’t agree. I’ve had them all my life. Very alert but can be calm,” one noted.

A second wrote: “Well said. Completely agree with this assessment of the Doberman. They are generally not ‘balanced’ like other dog breeds.”

A third commented: “Best dogs ever. Speaking from experience.”

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: “Best dogs ever! I will never own another breed. Definitely not for beginners or people who don’t have a lot of time to train. General athletes!”

Another added: “You got it right! We have a Dobbie in our family of 4 dogs and this is Cleo every day all day!”

And another chimed in: “I have a Dobie mix that’s like that. She’s always ready. Wonderful dog.”

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