AS with most moms, parenthood is an all-powerful juggling act for Kimberley Walsh.

But the former Girls Aloud singer has a new trick for balancing her various work projects with taking care of her sons Bobby, eight, Cole, six, and two-year-old Nate, whom she shares with husband Justin Scott.

5Kimberley Walsh talks about being a working mother and how she feels guilty about itCredit: News Group Newspapers LtdShe has sons Bobby, eight, Cole, six, and two-year-old Nate, whom she shares with husband Justin Scott.5 She has sons Bobby, eight, Cole, six, and two-year-old Nate, whom she shares with husband Justin ScottCredit: InstagramHe also talks about his interest in design and his own shade of paint.5He also talks about his interest in design and his own paint hueCredit: Wickes

The 41-year-old star says: “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned not to say anything else.

“He is definitely a talent. I used to feel guilty saying no to the plans but at the same time I would feel guilty if I said yes as it will affect the kids.

“I want to be able to work and do things that you can enjoy, but whatever I decide to do has to work around them.

“Everyone is constantly juggling and trying to make the right decisions about what to do and what works for their family.

“It’s about learning to make the right decision in each particular job.”

Despite prioritizing her children, Kimberley, who lives in Surrey and co-hosts BBC One’s Morning Live from a Manchester studio, still struggles with “mummy guilt”.

“I don’t think mother guilt ever leaves any mother,” she says.

“Even moms who don’t work probably feel guilty if they’re doing something for themselves. It’s the nature of being a mom.

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“Some days are more hectic than others as I now have to be away performing live in Manchester every two weeks or so.

“For me, it’s trying to make sure you have enough hours in the day for all the kids, as well as everything else you have to do.

“There are often times when I say, ‘Okay, something has to give,’ so that kid may not be able to do his homework tonight.

“You have to drop the ball sometimes to have a happy family.

“I try to offset the guilt of the mother by knowing that I am definitely a better mother for doing things for my life, and work, for me, is considered something for me. I have a job that is fun.

“It’s a break and a change of scenery for me, so I see it as a form of self-care.”

But as a result, Kimberley has discovered that her relationship with husband Justin, 40, a singer-turned-real estate developer, is no longer her main focus.

The couple, who have been together for 14 years and married for seven, know that their relationship has taken a backseat since they had children.

Says Kimberley: “That’s where we really suck at, because we put kids first to such an extent.

“It’s funny, because if Justin and I suddenly decide we’re going somewhere, the kids are like, ‘Umm, what?’

“I’m like, ‘No, we are, without you,’ and they’re like, ‘No, no, no.’

“So we haven’t had a lot of date nights, but Nate is two years old and it’s hard to leave them at that age.

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“I think the first chance we get, it will be good to do a few days away, just to remember who we are.

She says she hasn't had many opportunities for date nights.5 She says she hasn’t had many opportunities for date nightsCredit: InstagramKimberley says she's not afraid of having to hammer if the need arises.5 Kimberley says she’s not afraid of having to hammer if the need arisesCredit: Wickes

“But luckily, we love our children very much and we find ourselves in that. We’ll get our time again. I’m not going to complain about that.”

When asked if there are more children on the horizon, Kimberley answers with a firm ‘no’, adding: “The baby stage is over. I’ve scored a lovely hat-trick and I’m very happy with that.

“I think when you know you don’t plan on having more, you just want to savor it because you know it’s not going to last long and that’s it.

“I’m definitely more relaxed this time and the kids will probably notice it too.

“Also, Nate has two older brothers who help him out and want to play with him. My older children are brilliant.”

Kimberley has also been busy designing her own paint shade, Blue Haze, for Wickes.

“I’m all about the interiors,” she says. “I’m not afraid to hammer, if necessary.

“I think it’s the way I was raised. My mother was a single mother.

“I have always seen a woman doing all the manual labor. When I got my own house, I thought, ‘Oh, my mom does it, so why can’t I?’ I don’t find it daunting.”

Kimberley even has a trick or two to make decorating easier.

She says: “A coat of paint is the easiest way to complete a transformation. I have three kids running around the house with sticky fingers and we moved into our house ten years ago so everything needs a little TLC.

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“Doing carpentry and stuff like that gets a bit tricky, but painting walls? Anyone can do that and it completely changes the look of a room.

“I also paint on wallpaper. I’m not sure if that’s the absolutely correct way to do it, but it saves a lot of time and usually works absolutely fine.

The juggling act is now a part of his life and he shows no signs of slowing down.

“What I love about my job is that I literally never know what’s next,” says Kimberley, who has also starred in West End shows including Shrek and Big.

“I am already prepared to never stop working. I have a passion for it.

“I will certainly be in my sixties singing a song on stage.”

  • Kimberley Walsh’s new Blue Haze paint color is now available at Wickes stores and online.

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