FLIES can be banished from your home in seconds, thanks to a simple £2.60 hack.

And all you need are two common household items, according to a pest control expert.

2Flies can be banished from your house in seconds, thanks to a simple £2.60 hackCredit: GettyAll you need are some cotton balls and some essential oils or vinegar.2All you need is some cotton balls and some essential oils or vinegarCredit: Getty

Jordan Foster of Fantastic Pest Control said that vinegar-soaked cotton balls do wonders for killing winged insects.

Boots sells 100 cotton balls for £1.38, and Wilko sells a 1-litre bottle of white vinegar for £1.25.

She also said that essential oils dripped onto cotton balls can help.

Speaking to The Express, he explained: “The strong aroma of essential oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender and citronella repel flies.

“Using these oils in diffusers, sprays, or soaking cotton balls and placing them in areas where flies are a nuisance will help eliminate them.”

Peppermint Lavender Oil can be bought for just £2.25 on Amazon.

Eucalyptus oil is £1.79 on eBay, while the popular insect repellent citronella ranges from £1.45 for a 10ml bottle of oil at the Online Pound Shop to £11.79 for a 750ml spray bottle. ml on Amazon.

Jordan says white vinegar also works well when mixed with water and sprayed on surfaces, preventing flies from sticking around.

Planting lavender, marigolds, and even strong aromatic herbs in your garden can also act as a permanent solution to repel flies from your home.

The smell of herbs and spices, such as basil, mint, rosemary and cloves, repel flies with their strong aromas.

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In addition to cheap natural hacks, one TikTokker claims that you can even fend off winged pests with a disco ball.

Nicola Lewis said that flies hate reflected light and stay away from the glowing ball.

Conventional deterrents like mosquito nets, sticky pads, and bug zappers also work wonders when you’re flying high in anger over little annoyances.

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