ONE man’s trash is another man’s treasure – a father proved it with the unique names of his twin daughters.

Critics mocked the parents for choosing the name and, even worse, the font for their t-shirts.

1People mocked a father for the names he gave his twinsCredit: Getty

An anonymous Reddit user u//Equivalent-Winter262 shared the unique names they came across on a forum.

They explained that they found the video and the twins on TikTok: “Courtesy of TikTok, Kambreigh and Kysnleigh.”

The poster shared a photo of the twins wearing T-shirts with their names in bright green lettering.

Viewers were not impressed with the names or the jersey design.

Some even admitted that they misread the jersey initially.

“I really thought it said Kok on their jerseys at first,” said one commenter.

Others agreed, cringing at the source.

“It’s supposed to be KK (initials I guess) but the first K has an extra loop on it. I had to look at it for a while to see it hahaha,” explained another.

Some hated the fountain so much that it made them angry.

“That damn flourish is making me irrationally angry,” said one commenter.

“Looks like K9. And why is the light coming from two different sources in those blocks?

“Damn you Kok shirts.”

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