A CURVY MOM said she hates wearing a bra and insists that tight tops are the solution.

Rara Armstrong, 34, traveled to Turkey for a boob job after feeling her 34D breasts had sagged because she breastfed her son.

2Rara Armstrong is a member of the braless clubCredit: Instagram @curvyraRare Hates Wearing a Bra After Boob Job in Türkiye2Rara hates wearing a bra after having her boob job in TurkeyCredit: Instagram @curvyra

Now she loves to flaunt her perfect cleavage every chance she gets and refuses to restrict them in uncomfortable underwear.

She said: “I hate wearing a bra. I always go out without one.

“My breasts are large, so sometimes I wear a tighter top to give me some support.

“But a bra is out of the question. They are really uncomfortable most of the time.

“And you’re left with fat buns in the back that are pretty ugly. I’m happiest when I’m not wearing one.”

Rara admits that she even goes braless on the school run and is never on time, so she ends up running to the playground at the last minute.

And she usually gets stares from other moms because her huge 36G bust is hard to miss.

Rara said: “We are always late, so when I run to school I can see my mom’s watch that I am not wearing.

“They give me death glares mostly. If you have boobs people watch. If you don’t wear a bra, they stare at you more. Boobs are addictive.”

Rara is regularly insulted by vile internet trolls who throw abusive comments at her.

But the content creator is so used to the annoyance that it almost bores her and she doesn’t let it bother her.

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The single mother-of-one revealed that she is also fed up with dating and that her curves usually attract the wrong type of men.

She said: “I’m not dating, I can’t be upset.

“My boobs get me noticed, but usually not the right men. I’m not looking for a husband or anything like that.”

Rara is so used to getting stares and stares when she goes braless that she hardly even notices. She thinks that her critics should be the same.

Rara, from the West Midlands, said: “Sometimes, I think they’re envious of the fact that I walk like I don’t care.

“While they are so uptight and so concerned about what people think all the time. I know how I would rather be.”

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