How to use Chegg Discount as a student? Chegg Student Discount Codes

How to use Chegg Discount as a student?  Chegg Student Discount Codes

Chegg has been helping college and university students complete their assignments since 2006. Whether it’s preparing for a test or buying or renting a book, Chegg stands out as a service provider.

To get the most out of Chegg, students pay the subscription and enjoy some additional benefits. The good news is that Chegg also offers discounts on its educational materials and study packs.

Chegg Study Package Discount

However, you can even access Chegg without an account, but you won’t be able to get the Chegg student discount.

So if you also want to get Chegg student discount code or any other discounts then reading this article will be very beneficial for you.

Chegg Offers Discounts: An Overview

From book rentals to tutoring services, Chegg has you covered. In addition, he can also seek help regarding scholarships and internship opportunities.

However, for additional benefits from Chegg, you can subscribe to the Chegg Study plan, currently available for $15.95 per month. The fact is that not all students can afford a Chegg membership. Some students are even looking for ways to get free answers from Chegg.

Free Chegg Trial

So, getting a Chegg student discount is a boon for those who find the Chegg account price a bit expensive.

This year, Chegg has been offering a 25% discount for each student. The discount on the services will only be applicable during the first month of subscription.

According to research, there are various Chegg discounts for students on book rentals, but they still vary from time to time. However, you need to make sure you are eligible for the discount and know some tips to get it.

What makes you eligible for the student discount?

If you want to take advantage of a Chegg student discount, the platform only confirms whether you are a student or not. That’s all!

If you are verified as a student, you are eligible for any discount, offer or coupon for Chegg.

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Note: Chegg checks your scholarship status while reviewing the registration form, which confirms that you are currently a student.

How do you get the student discount at Chegg?

Chegg is also a great platform if you want cheap used books. You can easily buy or rent high-quality secondhand books from the official Chegg website or its mobile app.

So if you also want the Chegg Student discount through the app, follow these steps:

Step 1: Install the Chegg study app.

Chegg Student App

Step 2: Create your account or register and validate your scholarship.

Sign up for the Chegg app

Step 3: If everything looks correct, a free trial of the Chegg curriculum will begin. You get a free 30-minute session with a tutor and up to 90% off all book rentals until the end of your free trial.

You can enjoy Chegg for free until the end of the trial period. After that, you will need to pay the cost of the Chegg subscription.

Additional Tips for Getting Chegg Discounts and Deals

Chegg is quite a popular online learning platform, but it often offers discounts for its discounts. Several students join each month, and many unsubscribe from Chegg.

Tip #1: Follow Chegg on all social media platforms if possible. They often offer exclusive deals to followers, so make sure you’re up to date.

Chegg discount coupon

Tip #2: It is better to use Chegg coupons consistently to get more benefits.

Tip #3: You can sell your own books on Chegg. It works well if you want to save some money for the Chegg subscription cost.

Tip #4: Chegg offers a one-month trial period to all students, and you can get numerous benefits from it. For example, he can use it to read various textbooks and gain as much knowledge as possible.

Chegg trial period

Note: You can reactivate your free trial and use it again for just $14.95 per month.

How to use a Chegg coupon or discount code?

From buying textbooks to finding homework help, Chegg coupon codes come in handy. But, if you have no idea about using Chegg student discounts, you can follow these steps:

Step 1 – Choose the Chegg coupon you want to use from the list of available coupons.

Step 2 – Click on it and you will see the code that you need to copy.

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Copy Chegg Coupon Code

Step 3: Visit the official Chegg website.

Step 4 – Choose the service or product you want to use and tap Add to Cart.

Click Add to Carts

Step 5: After that, click Checkout to confirm the purchase.

Click Pay

Step 6 – Fill in the information required for payment and click Continue to proceed.

Click the continue tab at checkout

Step 7 – On the checkout page, just enter the coupon code in the space provided and click Apply.

Step 8 – After clicking the Apply button, you can purchase the item at the discounted price.

That’s it, you will get the item at a discount and we will deliver it to your doorstep soon.

Exciting Chegg Promo Codes and Coupons to Use

Chegg often offers discounts and promotional codes to its users. For example, you can get a book without paying shipping costs. Also, you can often find coupons that help you use features or purchase the subscription at a discounted price. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the exciting Chegg student discount codes you can get.

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Coupons Currently Available

Below is a list of discounts currently available at Chegg. You can go through it and choose the one that suits your needs.

coupon available Benefits Link
70% coupon 70% discount for the first month Click here
20% coupon Additional 20% savings on select study items Click here
30% OFF 30% direct discount at Chegg Click here
20% DISCOUNT 20% direct discount at Chegg Click here
Coupon Free shipping on any order Click here
$10 coupon 10% discount on the first month of the Chegg Study Pack Click here
25% coupon Additional 25% savings on the first month of subscription to the study package Click here

Recently Featured Chegg Promo Codes and Coupons

You might also want to take a look at the recently introduced Chegg student discounts, as Chegg might make them available again.

coupon available Benefits Link
40% DISCOUNT 40% direct discount at Chegg Click here
90% offer Save up to 90% on biology books Click here
$35 coupon $35 off any purchase Click here
$10 offer Buy Chegg Math Solver at $10 per month Click here
95% DISCOUNT Save up to 95% on the 20th edition economics book Click here
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Most used promotional codes

Below are promo codes that are frequently used by students to their advantage.

coupon available Benefits Link
90% DISCOUNT 90% discount on all textbook rentals Click here
20% DISCOUNT Up to 20% off Chegg Study Pack Membership Click here
30% OFF An additional 30% discount on any product and service. Click here

So, you can take advantage of coupons or promo codes to get a Chegg student discount on the cost of a Chegg subscription or if you need free shipping on a book.

Note: The coupons and deals mentioned above were only available around the date of publication. You might find some expired coupons/deals or some exciting new ones later on.

frequent questions

Do college students get free Chegg?

Answer: If you are a college student, you can seek help from Chegg Tutors as they offer 30 minutes FREE to all new students.

What is the price of a Chegg subscription?

Answer: The minimum price you can pay as a Chegg subscriber is $14.95 per month. You can buy the Chegg Study plan with it.

What happens after student verification fails?

Answer: If you are unable to verify your account as a valid student, simply contact the company directly, they may request other verification tests and verify you as a student later.

How many times can a student use a Chegg discount?

Answer: Some discounts are for one-time use only and others can be used every time you get them.

Do tutors get paid at Chegg?

Answer: Tutors at Chegg are paid by the hour, and by one estimate a tutor makes about $20 per hour.

Does Chegg offer Cashback?

Answer: No, there is no cash back option if you are purchasing something from Chegg.


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