How to hire skilled people for your software company?

How to hire skilled people for your software company?

If you’re in the software development business, chances are you know how difficult it can sometimes be to cut through the noise and find the right type of developers you need. There are people out there, but in order to get the best, you will inevitably face a lot of competition. In this article, we share our experience which can hopefully make this search a bit easier.

Before we get to the heart of the matter, a quick note: there are many types of software companies. One way we can categorize is:

  • Those who develop software with the intention of competing in a specific industry (for example, financial technologies, education, human resources),
  • and Those who provide software development services. They are potential customers of the first.

In this article, we are going to talk about the first group. The specific explanations given are much more relevant to the realities of such software companies.

Inbound methods to acquire developers

These methods refer to various techniques that you can use to get the right candidates to come to you.

Refining your own websites

This includes your official website, especially the career page that includes job postings. Use A/B testing to make sure it’s easy to use and converts well.

Use of job portals

Extend your reach with external websites.

Development of an appropriate content marketing strategy

Write quality blog posts and conduct online webinars focused on the technologies of your interest to position your brand as an exciting place for your candidates to find you.

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Maintain a strong social media presence

Continue to communicate your brand in that way using various relevant social channels.


A good SEO strategy will amplify the effectiveness of all your content marketing efforts. Users who come to your website from organic search results usually get good conversions due to the high intent expressed through their searches.

output methods

You can also reach candidates directly with exit techniques:

  • Contact developers using social platforms for developers and other professionals like LinkedIn (there are paid tools that make it easier and…legal).
  • Attendance at congresses and meetings.
  • Organize on-site meetings on your own.

Software Development Outsourcing

As you may have noticed by now, many of the best strategies for finding and attracting the best software developers, those who have the skills and the ambition to learn even more, require your company to consistently invest a lot of effort in positioning itself as a place that can provide them with the suitable challenges.

All of that isn’t always feasible for companies trying to focus on their core product. Even if they use these strategies, the results may not always generate enough prospects. Or not fast enough to meet business goals. That’s where a software development company of the latter type steps in.

With outsourcing, you can find developers quickly and possibly establish long-term cooperation that ensures constant and fast access to qualified professionals with the convenience of being able to quickly scale up or down the team based on your needs. Of course, you will still be faced with the problem of having to choose from many different suppliers of varying quality. But that is a topic for another article.

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