Honest, Open & Deliberate: How Gen Z Has Flipped The Script When It Comes To Love And Relationships


A new survey conducted by a women-led dating service has revealed that Gen Z is rethinking what dating means to them. 

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What is Gen Z’s idea of dating today and how are they approaching relationships?


According to the study results, Gen Z-ers are vocal about their ideals and are determined to pursue their desires when it comes to romance, breaking away from old dating standards and questioning obsolete, gendered relationship expectations. 

In India, Gen Z daters approach love with clarity, emotional maturity, and radical honesty.
The survey reveals the following, highlighting some of the important elements of Gen Z’s dating pattern.

Is this the selfish generation?
No, Gen Z in India is simply honest. Dating goals for Generation Z are open, conscious, and deliberate.
They are not afraid to defy the current quo and date on their own terms and timeframes, which is refreshing. 

Where is Gen Z headed?

As Generation Z makes more values-driven dating decisions, they are emphasizing putting themselves first, setting boundaries, and expressing their true selves. It’s no surprise that Gen Z views being honest and transparent about dating intentions (52%) to be the most important dating red flag.

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In fact, 21% of Gen Z respondents said that not agreeing politically with their partners is a red flag for dating, and 19% will not date someone who is not an LGBTQ+ ally. Open Casting (the inverse of ‘type-casting’) the restricted quest for our physical ‘type’ is not benefitting Gen Z, so it’s time to abandon the tall, dark, and attractive prerequisites. 

Open casting, the inverse of type-casting, refers to how people are now more open to anyone they contemplate dating outside of their ‘type. 38% of Gen Z respondents feel that love comes in various shapes and sizes, implying that they are willing to date outside their ‘type,’ which is more significant for women (41%) than men (37%). 

Why does GenZ have no fear of missing out?

According to the survey, Gen Zers are unafraid to deviate from obsolete societal conventions and are willing to wait for a spouse who knows and shares their values and ideas. In fact, 51% of Indian Gen Z respondents want someone who will help or grow with them. 

One-third (29%) of Indian Gen Z respondents feel there are no defined timelines for marriage and that they will marry when they are ready.
19% of Indian Gen Z respondents say they don’t believe in typical relationship phases and will date someone right away if it seems right. Women in Generation Z are very deliberate about who and how they want to date. 

46% of Gen Z women are no longer willing to put up with toxic behaviours, indicating that they are rejecting societal indoctrination. While looking for a relationship, more than half of Gen Z women (55.5%) prioritize establishing emotional and physical boundaries. 

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How is GenZ making it work?

What is making dating difficult for Generation Z?  Balancing their career and love life is the most difficult difficulty for 50% of Gen Z, followed by commitment (37%), and finding a partner who fulfils their expectations (49%). 

38% of Indian Gen Z struggle to find someone who shares their sexual and emotional inclinations, and 29% face rejection as they navigate dating in India. 

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