High IQ Optical Illusion Find The Hidden Message

High IQ Optical Illusion Find The Hidden Message

In a fascinating twist on optical illusions, a captivating puzzle challenges observers to decipher hidden messages concealed within a pair of sunglasses. 

This high-IQ optical illusion not only tests visual perception but also demands cognitive prowess. 

As the lenses of the sunglasses serve as a canvas, a cryptic message lies cunningly embedded within the design. 

The task at hand is to unravel this enigmatic message, employing keen observation and analytical skills. 

With layers of complexity woven into the image, participants are invited to engage in a stimulating exercise of mental acuity. Prepare to be intrigued and challenged as you delve into the intricate world of this mind-bending visual conundrum. 

Can you crack the code hidden in plain sight?

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Optical Illusion: Can You Spot The Message In These Sunglasses?

Optical Illusion These Sunglasses Have A Hidden Message Hidden Within Them Can You Find It
Can you find the hidden message in these heart shaped sunglasses? | Image: Venmo

In perfect timing for Valentine’s Day, the popular mobile payment platform posted an image featuring heart-shaped sunglasses adorned with written phrases.

The optical illusion presents a challenge initially, requiring viewers to employ unconventional thinking to decipher it. In the caption, Venmo teased, “We’ve got a message that’ll make you blush.”

Initially, the image may resemble a QR code, but attempting to decode it with your phone’s camera won’t yield any answers. Nevertheless, your phone might still prove useful in certain situations.

A concealed message in blue letters resides on the lens of the sunglasses, obscured by the pink design, making it challenging to discern. 

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Those who can decipher it unaided may possess sharper eyesight than the average observer.

However, for those grappling with the puzzle, Venmo has extended a helpful hint. 

“Screenshot this post and use the pink highlighter to see what it says,” concludes the caption, offering a clue to unravel the mystery.

Upon taking a screenshot of the image, it will be saved in the photo app on your phone, allowing you to access it easily for further examination.

The Answer Is!

Optical Illusion These Sunglasses Have A Hidden Message Hidden Within Them Can You Find It
The answer is ‘You’re my Venmo crush’ | Image: Venmo

Following this step, you can tap to edit the image and select the drawing tool, opting for the dark pink highlighter. 

By carefully tracing over the hearts, you’ll unveil the concealed message, which reads: “You’re my Venmo crush.”

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