Here Are Top 10 Best Countries For Working Remotely 'Safely And Efficiently'

Here Are Top 10 Best Countries For Working Remotely 'Safely And Efficiently'

Returning to the office is frustrating for some, but others prefer remote work, allowing them to work from anywhere. If you’re considering a new work destination, a ranking lists the best countries for remote working.

NordLayer, a cybersecurity company, has released its second Global Remote Work Index (GRWI).

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What is the Global Remote Work Index (GRWI)?

It ranks the best and worst countries for remote work based on four criteria: online security, economics, digital and physical infrastructure, and social safety. 

This 2023 update builds on last year’s edition, assessing 108 destinations.

Is the best country for WFH?


This method ranks Denmark as the best country for remote work. It excels in most criteria but lags in online security, ranking 13th. Slovakia, Estonia, and Lithuania are the top three countries in online security.

The Netherlands and Germany hold the second and third positions in the Global Remote Work Index. 

Following closely, Spain and Sweden are also highly ranked. However, it’s worth noting that Sweden’s performance in social safety aspects, such as human rights, inclusion, and crime, is not outstanding. It ranks 15th in this category, with Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Iceland leading in social safety.

France holds the 15th position overall, five places lower than last year. 


While it may not be the most remote work-friendly country, it still offers a decent destination due to its strong digital and physical infrastructure (4th place) and social safety (6th place). 

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However, teleworkers might face language barriers, as English is not as commonly spoken in France as in other highly-ranked countries, like those in the Nordic and Scandinavian regions.

According to NordLayer, European nations dominated the top 10 countries for remote work. Canada secured 14th place, and the United States ranked 16th. Here’s the list:


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