Heard About The New ‘Cosy Cardio’ TikTok Trend? Know Why It’s Taking The Internet By Storm

Heard About The New ‘Cosy Cardio’ TikTok Trend? Know Why It's Taking The Internet By Storm

Step into the world of fitness with Cosy Cardio, the emerging TikTok craze that promotes a gentle and compassionate approach to exercise. This trend offers a welcoming path to fitness for those who shy away from daunting workout routines, making the journey to wellness a comforting and enjoyable experience.

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Who Started The Trend?

What Is cozy cardio TikTok Trend

The trend got famous when Hope Zuckerbrow, a TikTok user, shared her morning exercise routine on the app.

What Is Cosy Cardio?

Ditch the gruelling workout grind and embrace the delightful allure of cosy cardio. This trending approach redefines exercise as an enjoyable and easily attainable part of your daily routine. By curating a serene and snug workout setting, this fitness trend allows you to seamlessly incorporate heart-revving workouts into the comfort of your own living space.

Where Is It Most Popular?

As of now, the trend is doing exhaustive rounds on TikTok and some parts of Instagram. Though the traction on the trend is mostly from Western countries, other parts of the world will likely weigh in soon enough. 

When Did The Trend Blow Up?

What Is cozy cardio TikTok Trend

The trend took off when Zuckerberg introduced it by sharing her morning cardio routine on the app.

In her routine, she would light a candle, prepare iced coffee, and put on fluffy socks before leisurely strolling on her walking pad for 40 minutes, enjoying a romantic comedy playing in the background.

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Following her lead, numerous social media users have since posted their own versions of Cozy Cardio routines.

How Is It Better For Overall Health?

What Is cozy cardio TikTok Trend

Ellie Crawley, the founder of Feel Fit and an online strength and conditioning coach, explained to Healthline that Cosy Cardio aims to dismantle the idea of ‘no pain, no gain’ and shift towards an approach that prioritises overall well-being.

This shift not only makes fitness more attainable but also enables the development of lasting, healthy habits. She said, “Cosy cardio can be a great starting point, because the more you do it, the more confidence you’ll build, and who knows where that might lead.”

In the realm of exercise trends, strength training has gained more traction than cardio in recent times. Nonetheless, specialists argue that incorporating cardio into your weekly routine remains crucial, given its numerous health advantages.

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