Halloween 2023: Take This 'Spooktacular' Quiz To See How Much You Know About The Festival

Halloween 2023: Take This 'Spooktacular' Quiz To See How Much You Know About The Festival

Halloween, celebrated on the eve of October 31, is a spooktacular and enchanting holiday that captures the imaginations of people around the world. It’s a time when children and adults alike dress up in an array of creative costumes, from witches and ghosts to superheroes and movie characters. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the festival.

1 . What is the traditional Halloween fruit used for carving spooky faces?

  • a) Orangesdefault
  • b) Applesdefault
  • c) Pumpkinsdefault
  • d) Watermelonsdefault

2 . What costume is often associated with witches?


  • d) Black Catdefault
  • a) Vampiredefault
  • b) Ghostdefault
  • c) Wizarddefault

3 . Which famous vampire novel was written by Bram Stoker?


  • d) Nosferatudefault
  • a) Draculadefault
  • b) Interview with a Vampiredefault
  • c) Twilightdefault

4 . What do children traditionally say when they go trick-or-treating?


  • c) “Give me candy!”default
  • d) “Boo!”default
  • a) “Happy Halloween!”default
  • b) “Trick or Treat!”default

5 . What is the name of the famous family from “The Addams Family?”


  • b) The Draculasdefault
  • c) The Addamsdefault
  • d) The Hexingtonsdefault
  • a) The Munstersdefault

6 . Which ghostly holiday is celebrated on November 1?


  • a) Halloweendefault
  • b) Day of the Deaddefault
  • c) All Saints’ Daydefault
  • d) Black Fridaydefault

7 . In the legend of Sleepy Hollow, what is the name of the headless horseman?


  • a) Headless Harrydefault
  • b) Ichabod Cranedefault
  • c) Jack-o’-Lanterndefault
  • d) The Hessiandefault

8 . What is the traditional candy associated with Halloween that is made from sugar, butter, and popcorn?


  • b) Taffydefault
  • c) Caramel Applesdefault
  • d) Popcorn Ballsdefault
  • a) Candy Corndefault

9 . Which classic Halloween monster is known for transforming into a bat?


  • a) Mummydefault
  • b) Werewolfdefault
  • c) Frankenstein’s Monsterdefault
  • d) Vampiredefault
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10 . What do people often bob for at Halloween parties?


  • a) Applesdefault
  • b) Candydefault
  • c) Pumpkinsdefault
  • d) Eggsdefault

11 . What is the name of the killer doll in the “Child’s Play” horror film series?


  • b) Chuckydefault
  • c) Chesterdefault
  • d) Charliedefault
  • a) Chucklesdefault

12 . In Mexican tradition, what is the name of the colourful, decorative skulls used during the Day of the Dead?


  • a) Voodoo Masksdefault
  • b) Sugar Skullsdefault
  • c) Ghostly Gourdsdefault
  • d) Haunted Headsdefault

13 . What is the name of the parallel dimension inhabited by Demogorgons in the TV series “Stranger Things”?


  • a) The Abyssdefault
  • b) The Netherworlddefault
  • c) The Upside Downdefault
  • d) The Shadow Realmdefault

14 . Which classic monster movie features a creature brought to life by a lightning bolt?


  • b) The Wolfmandefault
  • c) The Blobdefault
  • d) Frankensteindefault
  • a) The Mummydefault

15 . What is the name of the black cat that is often considered a symbol of bad luck on Halloween?


  • c) Whiskersdefault
  • d) Luckydefault
  • a) Salemdefault
  • b) Midnightdefault

Damn! You need to learn a lot about halloween!

It’s probably time for you to start thinking about your outfit!

You are on the right track, keep going!

You know a lot, but there’s more out there.

Congratulations, you are ready to enjoy halloween and and don’t forget to brag to your friends all that you know about the holiday!

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