Gen Zers Are Leaving Their Phones At Home To Try This New 'Silent Walking' TikTok Trend

Gen Zers Are Leaving Their Phones At Home To Try This New 'Silent Walking' TikTok Trend

Gen Z comes up with a new trend every week, and every week a new term starts going viral on the internet. This time, a new walking trend has taken over ambitious TikTokers. Find out what it’s all about.

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Who Started This Trend?

Silent Walking New Gen Z Trend

Truth be told, it all started by accident. By chance, podcaster Mady Maio ignited the silent walking trend. In a TikTok upload, she shared her account of walking outside without any interruptions. Despite her initial hesitations, she found that how the serenity of silent walking helped her form a deeper connection with her inner self, helping her to get in touch with the universe and her intuition.

What Is Silent Walking?

Silent Walking New Gen Z Trend

Known for pioneering trends, Gen Z is now championing a viral movement within its ranks. The current buzz revolves around silent walking, which is the practice of embarking on phone-free strolls, leaving behind all technological diversions. This trend is rapidly gaining momentum, especially among the younger audiences on the internet.

The practice of silent walking granted Maio the much-sought-after clarity she yearned for. Removing all distractions, she encountered a dispersal of mental fog and an influx of creative ideas. 

When Was The Term Initially Popularised?

Silent Walking New Gen Z Trend

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While Maio brought silent walking into the limelight, the concept had been previously introduced by New York City influencer Arielle Lorre. Lorre pointed out the grounding impact of silent walking, emphasising a heightened sensory experience. Her goal was to establish silent walking as a new trend, reminiscent of the popular ‘hot girl walk’ that gained traction during the lockdown period.

Why Is The Trend Important?

Silent Walking New Gen Z Trend

Many Gen Zers have adopted silent walking and documented their encounters on TikTok. While a majority applaud the advantages, a few find it intriguing that the act of walking without technology is perceived as groundbreaking. Nevertheless, the trend serves to underline society’s reliance on phones and the necessity for moments spent with nature.

Research has highlighted the health advantages of immersing oneself in nature. On the other hand, extensive use of phones has been associated with several damages. Not only does it affect one’s health, but it also distracts pedestrians, as facing a screen while one walks on the street increases vulnerability to injuries and accidents.

In fact, the New South Wales (NSW) government went as far as prohibiting phones in public high schools to safeguard students from lagging behind. 

How Did The Internet React To This New Trend?

Silent Walking New Gen Z Trend

While many were moved by the idea, there was an influx of commenters who thought the trend was absolutely unnecessary. Influencers from across platforms weighed in on the trend and what it meant for the younger generations. Most of these opinions, though, were not in favour of the trend. People thought that “silent walking” did not have to be another viral trend, though for many, it seemed like the trending practice was proving worthwhile. 

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Many critics of the trend also found it ironic that people indulging in this new trend are filming themselves on their walks, which likely defeats the whole purpose of the trend.

The delusion of this generation is outstanding.

— Oz Veteran🧄🧄🧄🧄🧄 (@oz_veteran) October 20, 2023

#silentwalking is just showing how you can’t fix #stupidity 🤦🏻‍♂️ something new? Noooo 😒

— Homny1 (@Homny16) October 17, 2023

What will they think of next? I can’t wait for Gen Z to put their phone down long enough to rediscover “reading books” or “praying”. They’re in for a treat. #silentwalking

— Reed Uberman (@ReedUberman) October 18, 2023

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