Fatal mistakes: a man jumps in front of an elephant to take a selfie and is chased by Tusker

Fatal mistakes: a man jumps in front of an elephant to take a selfie and is chased by Tusker

People continue to amaze us with their amazing life choices. A video recently went viral on the internet showing a man venturing into the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary in Wayanad, Kerala. It wasn’t just his decision to get off the safari bus that riled people up, but also his guts to go into the forest to take some selfies.

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Elephant chases man who entered forest to take selfies

Man is chased by elephant Twitter

In the clip, the man is seen being chased by an angry elephant. It has been reported that the man entered the forest in an attempt to take some selfies with the animal, but was instead met with a rude awakening. The elephant in the clip chases the man until he reaches the path humans use to travel to the sanctuary.

The people who witnessed the moment tried to help the man survive by making noise and scaring the elephant. Although the man was not injured in the end, he surely would have received a reprimand from the people who accompanied him on the safari.

The close shave of the man with the animal reminded the internet people yet again how irresponsible some tourists get while visiting places like a wildlife sanctuary, forgetting that the area is nothing like a zoo in the city.

The man was fined by the Forestry Department

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Later, the man was detained by the forestry department. Although the man miraculously escaped the elephant’s clutches, the sanctuary’s forestry department held him accountable for his utterly absurd actions.

He was fined by the forestry department for trespassing on the restricted area of ​​the forest. He was slapped with a fine of Rs 4,000 for breaking the rules of the sanctuary.

The video was filmed by another tourist on the safari in which the man is seen being violently chased by the elephant. Whereas at first, it looks like the elephant would catch up with the man, especially when he stumbled on the ground and couldn’t get to his feet for a few seconds as the elephant chased him. It was the people around who helped the guy by making noise to scare the elephant away. This ultimately saved the man’s life.

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