EA Sports and EA Games separate

EA Sports and EA Games separate

EA is thinking beyond games, and EA Games has been renamed ‘EA Entertainment’.

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After recently laying off 6% of its staff, EA is splitting in two, with EA Games and EA Sports becoming entirely separate organizations.

As IGN reports(Opens in a new window), EA CEO Andrew Wilson made the announcement(Opens in a new window) yesterday, along with the news that EA Games will be renamed EA Entertainment. Wilson said the division will “empower our studio leaders with more creative ownership and financial responsibility to make faster and more insightful decisions on development and go-to-market strategies.”

EA Sports isn’t changing much and will continue to oversee the PGA Tour, F1, Fifa, NHL, and Madden gaming franchises, while also producing the College Football reboot and new Super Mega Baseball games.

EA Entertainment oversees all non-sports games and studios, including BioWare, Dice, Full Circle, Maxis, Motive Studio, Respawn, Ridgeline Games, Ripple Effect, and EA’s Seattle studio. The organization’s control also extends to the EA Originals label, mobile gaming, and many major IPs (Battlefield, Skate, Iron Man, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings).

The name change to EA Entertainment suggests that EA wants to develop beyond gaming, and Wilson hints at this as well, saying, “With cultural and generational trends that continue to expand the definition of gaming beyond gameplay to new ways of looking, create and connect, we must continually evolve to meet and engage gamers on their terms and through their preferred platforms.”

Wilson concludes his post by saying, “Our business remains strong,” and it’s hard to argue against that when you look at the company’s list of releases. F1 23 just launched, Immortals of Aveum launches next month, and Madden NFL 24 arrives in August. Beyond that, there’s Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, new entries in the Skate, Mass Effect, and Battlefield series planned, and The Sims 5 is in development.

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