Do You Know How Many Hours A Week The Average Employee Spends Drafting Emails? Let’s Find Out With The Given Survey

Do You Know How Many Hours A Week The Average Employee Spends Drafting Emails? Let's Find Out With The Given Survey

Email has evolved into a vital tool for business communication in the current digital era. It enables speedy and effective information exchanges, but there is a hidden cost: the time staff members spend creating, sending, and monitoring emails. 

Understanding these trends might help firms improve their communication strategy since the average employee spends a considerable chunk of their workweek dealing with email-related duties. 

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What Do Respondents Find Challenging, When Using Email?

Average Employee Spends How Much Time Drafting Emails
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  • Important email messages may end up in spam or trash. 
  • It’s easy for irrelevant emails to fill up the inbox, and it’s easy to misinterpret tone. 
  • There is a demand to maintain a “formal” atmosphere. 
  • Unable to unsubscribe from email chains. 
  • You weren’t copied on emails or on threads with important information, making it difficult to obtain the relevant information. It takes too long to receive a response. 
  • It’s challenging to send attachments across different platforms. 
  • Unmanageable email inbox

What Did The Study Reveal?

According to a recent survey of 8,000 small business employees (equally distributed between Americans and Britons), they draft an average of 112 emails every week, taking a little over five and a half minutes per email, according to the New York Post.

However, according to a survey of small business employees, only 36% of the time do they believe their emails are properly read and understood by their recipients.

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This may help to explain why respondents reported that it’s typical for their inquiries to go unanswered (62%), to be addressed by the wrong name (51%), or to be asked again after they’ve already responded (49%) when they receive email responses.

The respondents stated that they are also guilty of not reading emails in full; more than half (57%) said that they wouldn’t bother to read an email that is “too long”—eight or more phrases.

Average Employee Spends How Much Time Drafting Emails
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As a result, eight times per day on average, small business employees discard or don’t read emails based merely on the subject line.

Employees suffer from this: 45% have missed something because they failed to read a crucial email, including deadlines, meetings, and other events.

The survey, which was commissioned by Slack and performed by OnePoll, examined alternative workplace communication tools that small business employees would prefer to see in place of email.

Most generations (59% of Gen Zers, 60% of millennials, and 52% of Gen X respondents) agree that menial chores like writing emails are a burden at work for over half (57%) of respondents.

Respondents identified the top three menial jobs as filtering irrelevant emails (51%), responding to emails (47%), and finding internal information they require for my role (38%) when asked whether menial duties make it difficult for them to achieve in their role.

How Much Time Does It Take For An Employee To Draft A Mail?

Average Employee Spends How Much Time Drafting Emails
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Based on recent research, the typical employee spends 10 hours and 47 minutes every week composing emails that few recipients actually read. 

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