Diwali Special Optical Illusion: Guess How Many Diyas Are In This Image & Prove You're A Pro!

Diwali Special Optical Illusion: Guess How Many Diyas Are In This Image & Prove You're A Pro!

An optical illusion is a visual phenomenon that tricks the brain into perceiving something differently from what it actually is. It occurs when the brain receives and processes visual information in a way that does not correspond to the physical reality of the scene. 

Optical illusions can take various forms, including geometric patterns, colour, size, motion, and depth distortions. They often lead to misinterpretations of reality, making objects or patterns appear to move, change shape, or create contradictions that challenge our understanding of the visual world. 

Optical illusions exploit the brain’s natural tendency to make assumptions and shortcuts in processing visual information to make sense of the world. These illusions are used in various contexts, from art and entertainment to psychology and neuroscience, to study how the human brain perceives and interprets visual stimuli. 

Optical illusions are not limited to artistic or entertaining purposes; they also serve as valuable tools for studying the mechanisms of human perception and cognition.

In TIT Education’ Diwali special optical illusion, we’ve hidden quite a few diyas within a mesmerising pattern. Can you discover them all?  

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Count the total number of Diwali diyas in this optical illusion!

Diyas optical illusion diwali
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Take a close look at the optical illusion provided here. At first glance, it might seem like a complex, geometric pattern. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll realize that it contains a series of hidden diyas. Your challenge is to find and count them all.

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Begin by examining the image as a whole. Let your eyes roam around the intricate design. Sometimes, the diyas can be camouflaged by the surrounding patterns. Sometimes, squinting can help you blur the finer details, making the hidden objects stand out more prominently. The diyas might not always be front and centre. 

Try looking at the image using your peripheral vision, as sometimes this can reveal hidden elements more effectively. Optical illusions can be deceptively challenging. Don’t rush, take your time to explore every nook and cranny of the image.

Here’s the solution! 

There are a total of 129 diyas used in this image. Congratulations if you got the same exact number, you have great concentration power. 

But even if you didn’t guess the exact number and were closer to the answer that is also commendable. All the best for the next time! 

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