Dine And Dash: Newlyweds Flee Wedding Dinner, Allegedly Hop Countries To Skip Payment On Lavish Meal

Dine And Dash: Newlyweds Flee Wedding Dinner, Allegedly Hop Countries To Skip Payment On Lavish Meal

Dine-and-dash stories are always somewhat thrilling. Even though they lack any crucial elements of a proper heist, a dining and dashing sequence comes with its very own 007 soundtrack.

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Where Did The Incident Take Place?

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A recent incident gaining prominence worldwide is the story of a newly married couple who pulled the ultimate dine-and-dash at an exclusive seafood restaurant. The couple pulled a runner at Enzo Fabrizi’s restaurant, Ristorante La Rotonda, in Italy.

What’s The Fuss About?

The owner of the Italian restaurant is alleging that the couple, Moreno Priorietti and Andrae Svenja, with their party of 80 wedding guests, pulled a convenient dine-and-dash on the day they tied the knot. 

The restauranter explains that he provided the couple with a lavish dining experience of high-quality food alongside the music, flowers, and even the decorations for the night. However, as it turns out, the couple thought it was a charitable effort.  

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Once the wedding dinner was done and dusted, the drunk wedding party made their way back to their lodgings as Fabrizi waited for the next day to arrive. The groom, who had paid the initial deposit of 3287 euros, talked about coming by the day after the event and paying up the rest of the sum. However, no such promise was kept.

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Later in the day, Fabrizi found out that the couple was not only out of the town of Boville Ernic, Italy, but also out of the country altogether. 

Why Did The Incident Blow Out Of Proportion?

The civil ceremony took place last August, and since then, Fabrizi has tried his best to catch up to the couple. After the couple fled the country and went back to Germany, Fabrizi tried his hardest to get in contact with them, even going as far as calling up the couple’s parents.

However, when he got no replies to his requests for payments, the restauranter, who claims that the experience could put him out of business, filed an official complaint on grounds of fraud with the local police. 

Fabrizi declared, “I will not give him peace until he has paid every penny,” and claimed, “I’ve been a restaurateur for 40 years and I’ve never had this happen to me.”

Once the police were involved, Priorietti became the most wanted groom in Germany. He was subsequently hunted down by the German and Italian cops.

What Now?

On Wednesday, the groom broke his year-long silence on the case and claimed that he had paid back the remaining amount of the 8,073 Euro sum. However, the plot thickens, as the groom is now alleging that Fabrizi tampered with the total amount he owed. 

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