Did You Know The Bloody Mary Cocktail Wasn’t Always Called That?

Did You Know The Bloody Mary Cocktail Wasn't Always Called That?

The Bloody Mary, considered to be a perfect cure for hangovers, is also the most famous cocktail of all time. It’s made with vodka, tomato juice, and a variety of seasonings. Bloody Mary surrendered to change as and when it was required. It has as many names, incarnations, and backstories as its constituents have flavours and methods of preparation. Red snapper, Bloody Margaret, Caesar, and Michelada are among other varieties. 

Let’s find out today why the Bloody Mary has such a bold name, and what its history is.


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Who named it ‘Bloody Mary?’

The origin of the term “Bloody Mary” when talking about the cocktail is not definitively attributed to one individual. There are several competing theories about its origin, but none can be confirmed with absolute certainty.

What was it called before?

Connoisseurs may argue that it was named after the legendary Mary Pickford of the silver screen. Some believe it was named after Mary, a waitress at the Bucket of Blood pub in Chicago.

Where does the name come from?

The name “Bloody Mary” is associated with various historical figures, notably Queen Mary I of England, who was dubbed “Bloody Mary” in Foxe’s Book of Martyrs for her efforts to restore the Catholic Church in England. The name also implies a number of personalities from bygone ages.

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When was it coined?

According to an interview with the manager of the

Bucket of Blood pub, the name “Bloody Mary” was coined around 1921. The tale goes that once a customer who received a specially crafted drunken drink was ecstatic about it. 

Why is it called so?

A Bloody Mary requires only two ingredients, both of which are readily available: vodka and tomato juice. But it seemed that everyone wanted to take Mary on a Bloody ride. 

Salt, cracked pepper, Tabasco sauce, citrus liquids (mostly lime), Worcestershire sauce, celery seed, horseradish, clam juice or olive brine, brown sugar or molasses, and bitters are all common additives to the liquid base. 

Bloody Marys can be created from scratch or from a pre-blended mix that includes all of the above ingredients except the vodka and tomato juice.

How has Bloody Mary evolved? 

The base liquor for Bloody Mary might be bourbon, rye, tequila, or gin. The bull shot, a popular derivative in the 1950s and 1960s, substitutes beef bouillon or consommé for tomato juice. 

When tequila is included, this drink is frequently referred to as a Bloody Maria. The red snapper, sometimes known as the ruddy Mary, is a popular gin-based drink in the United Kingdom. 

Other Bloody Mary variations are named after various spirits, such as a Bloody Fairy when muddled with absinthe, a Bloody Geisha when prepared with sake, a Bloody Miriam when made with anise-flavoured Arak, and so on. 

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