Czech Social Media Star's Lavish Gesture: $1 Million Rains Down From Helicopter, Crowd Goes Wild

Czech Social Media Star's Lavish Gesture: $1 Million Rains Down From Helicopter, Crowd Goes Wild

Influencers always do random things on social media in order to get likes and views. And it works all the time. Here’s what a Czech influencer did now.

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Who is the influencer who threw a million dollars from the helicopter?

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Kamil Bartoshek, a Czech Republic influencer and TV host, surprised locals by dropping $1 million from a helicopter near the town of Lysa nad Labem. 

What did he do?

Bartoszek, also known as Kazma, had intended to give away a large sum of money to a single winner of a tournament. 

Participants had to solve a code encoded in Kazma’s film ‘Onemanshow: The Movie’ to find the money. 

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No one, however, was able to solve the mystery. The influencer then devised an alternate strategy, deciding to share the prize money among all of the participants who had signed up. On Sunday at six a.m., he sent them an email including encrypted details on where he would deposit the money.

He kept his promise and arrived with a helicopter at the designated location and hour. Kazma posted the video to his official Instagram account with the description, ”The first actual MONEY RAIN in the world!” ”A helicopter dropped $1,000,000 from the Czech Republic, and no one was killed or harmed.”

”A freight helicopter will fly over the Czech Republic in a few days. He’ll have a container beneath him with a million dollars in dollar bills. At the bottom of this container is a massive door. 

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And in an instant, somewhere in the Czech Republic, the door of this container will open. Only those who have activated their card will know when and where this will happen,” Kazma announced ahead of the deadline. 

As money fell from the sky, thousands of people gathered in the field and grabbed all of the banknotes in plastic bags in less than an hour. In a video shared online, people can be seen sprinting through a field with bags, trying to collect as many one-dollar bills as possible. Some even packed umbrellas in order to acquire as much money as possible as quickly as possible. 

Why did he do it?

According to Kazma, approximately 4000 people gathered the one-dollar bills. Notably, each banknote included a QR code that linked to an internet portal where winners could donate money to charity. 

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”You gave us a lot of suggestions for what we should do with the money that no one made. Most of the time, you write to us about three things: helping someone and donating money to a good cause; distributing the money among the people who played our game; and doing another show with the money. So I thought about what to do with it, and then I thought we could combine these three things,” Kazma said in a video before the prank. Watch the video here.

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