Cryptic 'Parking Prohibited' Sign From Bengaluru

Cryptic 'Parking Prohibited' Sign From Bengaluru

Bengaluru, India’s startup center, has recently been the subject of countless online memes highlighting unusual incidents that could only happen in the city.

Many stories of “peak Bengaluru” moments, a term used to characterize the eye-catching occurrences that occur in India’s IT hub, can be found all over the internet.

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Strange ‘Parking Prohibited’ sign scares people in Bengaluru 

A strange ‘no-parking’ notice frightening violators of ancient curses is currently trending on social media | Image: X

A strange ‘parking prohibited’ notice frightening violators of ancient curses is currently trending on social media. “Parking is banned. “The wrath of the ancients will fall on your head!” it warns.

Who shared the sign on the internet?

X user @KrishnaCKPS posted a picture of the signboard with the comment “Parking Prohibited.” “This is @peakbengaluru”. The image went popular on the microblogging platform, eliciting funny responses from the public.

What did the sign read?

“Your shoelaces will not stay tied! Rabid squirrels will invade your home. Bad hair days for the rest of your life! Food in your refrigerator will mysteriously spoil! You will only receive thoughtless recycled gifts! Your vehicle will start making that expensive knocking sound and your tyres will perpetually deflate! Mosquitoes will pick you over everyone else! No one will ever talk to you at parties or laugh at your jokes or even like you! Be warned! Unless you are friends or family, then it’s all good,” the ominous message reads.

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How did people on the internet react?

The X user shared the photo a few days ago, and it has since received multiple likes and comments. 

Check out the viral post here.

Parking ProhibitedThis is @peakbengaluru Parking 🅿️ ಮಾಡೋರಿಗೆ ಈ ತರಹ ಶಾಪನಾ 😂

— KP (@KrishnaCKPS) January 29, 2024

Meanwhile, earlier this month, at a comparable peak in Bengaluru, another signboard warning citizens of a new type of hazard – the smartphone zombie – went viral on the internet. 

An Urgent Warning Against Smartphone
An urgent warning against smartphone ‘Zombies’ On Bengaluru’s Signboard | Image: X

“Beware of Smartphone Zombies” read the signboard. It serves as a stark warning of the growing plague of digital distraction that is sweeping society.

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