Couple Who Ignored 4 Lottery Emails Discovered They Had Won £10,000 A Month For One Year

Couple Who Ignored 4 Lottery Emails Discovered They Had Won £10,000 A Month For One Year

In the West Midlands, a couple from Walsall spent a month thinking that messages regarding their winning lottery ticket were spam. After ignoring their messages for four weeks, they were taken aback when they finally reached out to Camelot, the lottery operator. 

James Briggs, 42, and his wife, Sally, 40, were in for a big surprise.

James said, “I buy my Set For Life tickets one month in advance via the National Lottery app. I received an email about the draw on August 3 but ignored it as so much was happening. I was busy with work, including an international trip to a conference. Then we had a holiday to Berlin to celebrate Sally’s birthday. There was home stuff to do, so it was only after seeing the fourth email when we got back from holiday that I read it. I didn’t say anything to Sally but called the National Lottery line the next day to see if all these emails were true.”

He added, “I called the following morning, still wondering whether it was real, but after chatting to various people and seeing everything on the app, it finally dawned on me that it could actually be true.”

“Having had the confirmation call with The National Lottery, I messaged Sally at work and said I had some news for her when she returned home.”


Sally, who works as a fleet scheduler, admitted that she panicked when she first saw the message from James and immediately assumed it was some “problem.”

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She said: “I thought there was a problem. I couldn’t think of anything else until I got home. Then James told me, and I kept repeating, ‘you what?’ I was in total disbelief.”

The couple used their first winnings to pay off their car loan. With the remaining £120,000, they plan to buy a “she shed” for Sally, go on a holiday, purchase a laptop, and get a new front door. 

They also intend to invest in property in the long term and are planning a trip to Vancouver. The senior implementation specialist was unaware they had just won £10,000 per month for the following year.

“I wasn’t sure if it was spam or proper actual emails. It was a Sunday night (September 10), and Sally and I were getting bits and bobs sorted before returning to work the next day. I was checking my emails while watching the TV.”

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