Class 7 student uses ChatGPT to do English homework. gets stuck because of this line

Class 7 student uses ChatGPT to do English homework.  gets stuck because of this line

Since its launch in November last year, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has taken the world by storm, quickly becoming the most popular consumer app ever. This innovative chatbot has garnered widespread attention for its ability to engage in natural conversations and answer various queries.

Notably, students around the world have also embraced the bot as a useful tool to help them complete their homework and assignments, much to the chagrin of their teachers.

In a recent Twitter post, one user shared an incident where his cousin was caught red-handed using ChatGPT to complete his English homework, all because of a single sentence.

Significantly, a particular homework sentence says, “As an AI language model, I have no personal expectations or opinions.”

The seventh grader inadvertently left the chatbot’s response intact in his homework, exposing that he had copied it without deleting it.

This minor oversight eventually revealed the plagiarism.

Also, the teacher made a note of the word “touching” on the assignment, since it is rare for seventh graders to use such sophisticated vocabulary in their responses.

Also, the teacher noted the word “touching” on the student’s homework, as it is rare for 7th grade students to use such advanced vocabulary in their responses.


“My little cousin Arjun got caught using ChatGPT in his 7th grade English homework.” read the tweet shared by Roshan Patel, along with an image of the assignment.

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My little cousin Arjun got caught using ChatGPT in his 7th grade English homework.

— Roshan Patel (@roshanpateI) June 1, 2023

The viral tweet has entertained netizens, who shared various reactions to the incident.

Welcome to the future 😂😻

— ARRahman (@arrahman) June 2, 2023

We need to start teaching our children how to properly use chatGPT for education, just like we were taught to use Google. 1p1mN3bjgh

—Hudda (@hudda1973) June 7, 2023

I can understand getting caught if you copied the chatgpt output pasted into a Word document you sent, but what a fool you have to be to WRITE the words “as an AI language model…” and send it https://t. co/ l1Cb20EZkW

— Thiru (@iAmNomadJ2) June 2, 2023

Do we think schools should be concerned about the misuse of #ChatGPT? #academic integrity

—Thomas Lancaster (@DrLancaster) June 4, 2023

This kid is DUMB. In seventh grade, if he doesn’t realize that he needs to omit that line, then he really is a fool.

—Aditi Patwardhan 🇮🇳 (@AditiIndiaFirst) June 7, 2023

99% of people will use GPT AI to write their HW, but only 1% will know because they know how to edit it to make it look convincing

—Ansh (@anshunator) June 3, 2023

Artificial intelligence helping natural stupidity… Truly exciting times!

—avahgar (@_avahgar_) June 2, 2023

you need a bit of intelligence to use AI 😂

— Sangeetha L #SaveSoil (@Sangita_Pandian) June 3, 2023

Many pointed out the importance of trying hard even when trying to cheat, as teachers can easily spot lazy copy-paste tactics.

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One user humorously commented, ‘‘Bruh, at least read it… It’s meant to be a tool, not a replacement lmao. I use it to help formulate ideas and answers, and then I add my language to it.”

Another user questioned, “How could you write that sentence without thinking about it?”

A third user expressed concern, stating, “If you made it to seventh grade and didn’t realize to remove that part of the answer, the system is failing our children.”

It serves as a reminder that even with advanced AI tools, critical thinking and personal input are still needed in academic tasks.

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