Chinese Woman Sues Daughter, Son-In-Law For Child Care Expenses After Raising Grandson For 5 Years

Chinese Woman Sues Daughter, Son-In-Law For Child Care Expenses After Raising Grandson For 5 Years

A court in China ordered a man and his wife to pay her mother a childcare charge of 82,500 yuan (US$11,300) for caring for their child for five years, according to a viral story on mainland social media. Here’s what happened.

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Why did the woman sue her daughter and son-in-law?

Woman Sues Daughter, Son-in-law For Childcare Expenses After Raising Grandson
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The grandmother, surnamed Duan, of Guangan, Sichuan Province in southern China, filed a lawsuit seeking 192,000 yuan (US$26,000) in childcare fees from her daughter, Hu, and son-in-law, Zhu.

Duan had cared for their son for five years, from February 2018 to July 2023, according to Jiupai News.

Hu and her husband, both employed in Chengdu, did not have time to care for their son, whose age is unknown.

Since 2018, Duan has been caring for her grandchild. Her daughter and son-in-law handed her a 1,000 yuan (US$135) monthly stipend and a 2,000 yuan childcare cost.

Duan looked after the boy without complaint for five years.

After Raising Grandson For 5 Years, Woman Sues Daughter, Son-in-law For Childcare Expenses
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In July, she ultimately concluded that her efforts had not been appropriately recognised and that she deserved more money, so she requested that the couple give her 192,000 yuan.

How did her daughter and son-in-law react?

Hu thought her mother had unreasonable expectations. Hu pledged to pay her mother 50,000 yuan (US$6,800) without consulting her husband, and they signed an agreement.

Despite her mother’s repeated requests, Hu did not complete the payment. The couple were then sued by Duan.

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The court determined that Duan had no legal obligation to raise her grandson and that she was entitled to a daycare fee from the parents. 

Hu revealed that Duan filed the case for childcare fees since he is currently embroiled in a divorce battle, and she wants to sue him. This story went viral in mainland China, with many individuals supporting Duan’s actions. 

Some backed her plea, with one saying her compensation claim was justified, and another praising her wisdom and determination, believing her goal was to protect and advocate for her daughter. 

In China, arguments over family finances frequently generate a lot of internet attention, as demonstrated in another case when a lottery winner tried to hide a large award from his wife and was later forced by a mainland court to pay a large sum of money. 

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