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Chhipkali: Movie, Release Date, Review, Cast, Budget, Director, Trailer, Story, News, Air Date, Release Poster, Production, Script, Budget, Writers, Dialogue, Country, IMDb Rating, Duration, Language, Box Office, Seasons, Music & Other Details: Chhipkali is an upcoming Hindi film which is going to be released recently. It is based on a philosophical point of view and is mostly mind-blowing and harrowing. It’s drama, suspense and somewhere classified as gore too. Also, it has a great cast and a great story and will keep viewers and audiences on the edge of their seats.

Let’s keep reading to know more about Chhipkali, the cast, the story, the trailer release, the music and everything else you might be interested to know. The trailer has already garnered over 30,000 views in just eight days. The public eagerly awaits the premiere of the film. It can reportedly be called a super hit movie, but it mainly depends on the climactic scene of the movie.

Chhipkali Release Date

The trailer and trailer have already been released in late February and early March. The movie will reportedly be released on April 7, 2023. After the whole covid thing has died down, audiences are very excited to be back in theaters. Therefore, production companies are trying their best to release movies in theaters these days. Furthermore, you may have also noticed how many movies are now opening in theaters.

Chhipkali Plot

As we all know, the movie has not been released yet. However, people are still trying to figure out what kind of plot the movie has. We’ve already talked about how it’s going to be a suspenseful, mind-blowing, plot-twisting thriller. In addition, it will also have a lot of drama and a philosophical point of view. But looking closely at the trailer, we have a pretty good idea of ​​what the movie is about. So the trailer opens with a private investigator looking for someone to talk to. He is investigating and has opened a case that was closed a long time ago. As the movie escalates, more drama unfolds.

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New Hindi Movie Update - Chhipkali - WMR

Chhipkali is a story that questions and shows our limited understanding of the world and our misconceptions about life. Furthermore, it also shows how much a human only trusts what we directly witness. It also highlights our inability to look beyond a stereotyped reality. Furthermore, the story also challenges our conscious mindset and perspective to perceive the world, our society, its norms and the whole system as a whole. Through a very interesting and twisted interrogation session between a detective and a suspect in a murder case, the film shows some unexplored mind-exploding time dimensions.

Cast of Chhipkali

Yashpal Sharma – Yashpal Sharma is one of the most enduring actors in the industry. He has played many amazing roles in many great projects. Sharma has been in the industry for more than two decades and has done more than 50 projects till 2023. Yashpal Sharma also works in Punjabi films and has won various awards and accolades.

Yogesh Bhardwaj – Yogesh Bhardwaj is a new, upcoming and aspiring actor. He has also been in the industry since 2005 and has acted in a few projects. However, Bhardwaj is mostly known for being a director and for his directing skills. This young man played the role of the investigator in the film.

Tannistha Biswas – Tannistha Biswas is also a very good and up and coming actress. She is mainly known for her movie called House of Time which was released in the year 2021. She has not done many projects yet but the authorities are liking her work very much and she will have a great future in the industry.

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Chhipkali Trailer Launch

The trailer for Chhipkali was released on March 14, 2023. Zee Music Company released the trailer on YouTube and it has already gone viral. Furthermore, the trailer video has garnered over 30,000 views in just eight days. And people who have seen the trailer are now eagerly waiting for the movie to be released. According to the report, and after watching the trailer, the chances are high that the movie will be a super successful project.

Chhipkali Information Table

  • Banner – Studiographe Entertainments, Suan Silver Screen Production
  • Status: COMPLETED
  • Release Date: April 7, 2023
  • Genre – Drama, Suspense
  • Producer: Meemo, Sarvesh Kashyap
  • Star Cast: Yashpal Sharma, Yogesh Bhardwaj, Tannistha Biswas
  • Background Music – Meemo
  • Duration – 1h 59min
  • Certification – U

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Chhipkali Trailer

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