ChatGPT It Is Again! AI-Generated Song By Bengaluru Band Leaves The Internet In Awe


ChatGPT has clearly had a big global impact. It can generate text, translate languages, develop diverse creative content, and deliver informative responses to inquiries as a robust language model. 

Its adaptability has made it a vital tool for a wide range of people, including students, researchers, authors, and creative professions. ChatGPT has proven to be an excellent asset in assisting with idea invention, content creation, and information gain. 

Not only that, but ChatGPT’s influence is gradually spreading into the field of music, where it is beginning to make noteworthy inroads.    

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Who performed the ChatGPT-generated song?

ChatGPT-Generated Song By Bengaluru Band
X Screengrab

A viral video of Bengaluru-based folk-fusion band Swarathma performing a song generated by ChatGPT, an advanced artificial intelligence model developed by OpenAI, has recently made ripples in the music business. 

What was the prompt to generate the song?

“The prompt was to write us an 8-line chorus about singing at an AI conference with a lady in red (who was grooving in the front row!),” as informed by the band in an X post.

Where was the song performed?

bengaluru band
X Screengrab

The video, which was shared on platform X (formerly Twitter) by the Bengaluru band Swarathma, showed the band members dazzling the audience with an engrossing performance made by ChatGPT at a Cypher 2023 event. 

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The ChatGPT window was opened on the background screen. “8-line chorus about singing at an AI conference with a lady in red (who was grooving in the front row!)” was the prompt they gave to the AI tool. They “jammed with ChatGPT live on stage” and had a great time.

Why are some people on the fence about it?

When the video went viral on the internet, the extraordinary performance sparked a mix of surprise and excitement among viewers who were attracted by the pioneering merger of technology and music.

Users on social media have opposing opinions. While some acknowledged their gratitude for the film by liking and sharing it, others expressed doubts and scepticism about the unique approach.

How did the people on the internet react?

In response to the video, one user said, “AI should have also sung the song.” Musically, it could have sounded better.” Another person said, “Replacing art with technology doesn’t feel right.” 

The video was shared on X a few days ago. It has received over 9,000 views and several likes since its publication. This cooperation was a first-of-its-kind combination of technology and artistic creation, providing a unique view on the future of music composition. 

It not only highlighted the band’s revolutionary approach to music, but it also highlighted AI’s expanding involvement in creative endeavors. Watch the viral video here. 

Swarathma singing to a song generated by ChatGPT at an AI conference is @peakbengaluru #Cypher2023 @Swarathma

— Pritam Bordoloi (@PritamBordoloi) October 12, 2023

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