Cardiff University Students' Union Bans Blue Shirts, Chinos Over Reports Of 'Dangerous' Behaviour

Cardiff University Students' Union Bans Blue Shirts, Chinos Over Reports Of 'Dangerous' Behaviour

In an unusual turn of events, a university students’ union has boldly prohibited a particular attire within its premises. Surprisingly, this attire is neither offensive nor inappropriate but rather an everyday outfit many individuals don. 

The issue at hand doesn’t lie with the clothing itself but with the wearers of this outfit, who have been responsible for disruptive behavior, prompting the ban.

Cardiff University Students’ Union had to ban people wearing blue shirts and chino trousers from a club night called YOLO at the union bar on Wednesdays. 

Why did the Student Union ban blue shirts and chinos? 

This action was taken because of the behavior of some attendees who wore this attire on a recent night.

The trouble began in the queue for the Wednesday night event on October 4th when several men were observed engaging in ‘reckless, dangerous, and highly irresponsible’ conduct. 

This clothing style is typically linked with sports clubs, but the exact nature of the behavior that led to the ban remains unclear.

According to the BBC, the Students’ Union informed members of the university’s Athletic Union in an email:

The behavior displayed by the group in question can only be described as reckless, dangerous, and irresponsible. Fortunately, security was able to intervene and safely disperse the crowd; however, the situation could have easily escalated into a major incident had they not acted promptly.”

Since the ban was implemented, the Students’ Union has reported a noticeable improvement in the behavior of people waiting in the queue.

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The email added, “If any group knows who the males were that caused this incident, I advise the committee to approach Athletic Union staff, and the matter can be dealt with. While we understand this approach might not be favorable to all until we are confident that those behaviors have been rooted out, we will continue with this restriction.”


The observed change in behavior resulting from the ban on specific clothing items may appear unusual, as it involves the same individuals wearing different attire.

Nonetheless, there likely exists a rational basis for this outcome. It could be attributed to the realization that disruptive conduct could lead to severe consequences. This serves as a cautionary note: even if one prefers blue shirts and chinos, entering this event will not be permitted with such attire.

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