Can You Find The Hidden Lemon Among These Fruits In Less Than 13 Seconds?


An optical illusion, often known as a visual illusion, is a deception created by the visual system. It is distinguished by an apparent difference in visual perception from reality. 

In other words, optical illusion is a type of visual deception in which we are misled by what we see or misinterpret what we see. By experimenting with colour, light, and patterns, Optical Illusion deceives and confuses individuals. 

Physical, physiological, and cognitive illusions are thought to constitute the three forms of optical illusions.

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Find the hidden lemon in this image

Do you understand what I mean? You deserve it...  Don
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People who actively participate in activities like this will benefit mentally more than others. So, what are you holding out for? Let’s get started on this optical illusion challenge and put your observational and visual skills to the test! 

There is a hidden lemon in this optical illusion challenge. Only a few people can see it. People with keen eyes may find the hidden lemon in this image in less than 13 seconds. 

You must be alert to find the lemon here. You just have 13 seconds to make the challenge more thrilling and enjoyable. Are you prepared? Your time has come!

Here’s the result!

Have you found the lemon? You still have time. Before I give the answer, you can attempt locating the lemon again if you want. Stop! Your time is up! Have you already discovered it? 

Many congratulations… Don’t be discouraged if you are unable to finish this optical illusion task; we will always have your back. Look for the solution in the image below. 

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Do you understand what I mean? You deserve it… Don’t worry if you didn’t discover the lemon… Remember that failure is a necessary step towards achievement. 

hidden lemon solution

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