‘Britain’s most tattooed man’ to get the last 3% of his remaining skin tattooed despite his wife’s disapproval

'Britain's most tattooed man' to get the last 3% of his remaining skin tattooed despite his wife's disapproval

Keith Gordon has been dubbed “Britain’s most tattooed man” and has now revealed his goal of getting every area of ​​his body tattooed.

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‘Britain’s most tattooed man’ plans to get more tattoos


Keith, 67, has only 3% of his skin intact, including his entire head, lips and eyelids, but it’s not enough, he still wants more.

The self-proclaimed ‘tattoo addict’ has no idea how many tattoos he has or how much his body art costs, but just the ink for his head and face cost him £6,000. Although his biggest problem is not paying for the ink, it’s finding a place for it and creating new designs that he doesn’t have yet.

“I already have absolutely everything I could have, it’s hard to think of what else to get to fill in the gaps!” Keith, from Romford, Essex, commented.

The father of three didn’t start getting tattoos until he was 52, but now he has hundreds from head to toe. The most recent tattoo of his was the words “f*** off” on his lower calf, one of the few areas of the body that still has a blank space.

Keith, a former office administrator, estimates that only three percent of his skin is intact and intends to cover this with shadows to leave him fully covered in tattoos.

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“I don’t regret my appearance, although it makes basic tasks difficult,” he remarked. “I get stares all the time, and people come up to me and ask if it hurts and how much it costs.”

“However, being heavily tattooed is like an addiction.” You’re looking for the high and ecstasy that comes with getting more tattoos, each one more ridiculous than the last. “

Right now, I just want to get rid of the whitespace. Now I’m aiming for full coverage.” Keith, the self-proclaimed “coolest guy from Essex”, has been in EastEnders and Jurassic Park because of his distinctive look.

He got his first tattoo at the age of 17.


He got his first tattoos when he was 17, but had to have multiple skin grafts removed four years later. He then she remained tattoo free until he was fifty. Keith went full circle and took the look to new heights, tattooing most of his body including his eyelids.

Now, almost no skin is visible, and the 67-year-old has spent tens of thousands of pounds on his appearance. “I’m not sure how many there are in total.” I have lost track. “It’s just a big project,” he explained. “However, getting my entire head tattooed was a very extreme and intense experience.”

“Sometimes it was very, very painful, especially around the corners of the eyes, the lip and parts of the inner ear, that was absolutely deadly.” In public, the retired federal official is frequently stared at and assaulted, but he doesn’t mind being questioned about his appearance.

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“They treat me differently because I look the way I do,” he explained. “I see it as living outside the box, even if doing basic things can be difficult.” “Every time I have people come to my house (laborers, delivery men, plumbers) I have to tell them over the phone that ‘I don’t sound anything like my sound’.”

wife disapproves

Keith has made it his latest quest, over his wife’s objections, to get “full coverage” except under his boxers. He has some more common tattoos, like the names of his wife and children, as well as some “satanic” designs with a demon. “He’s like a high, an addiction.” “You’re looking for more euphoria, more outrageous,” Keith explained.

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