Bride shuts down haters with grace after going viral for making her own wedding cake

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Stories can go viral quickly in the age of social media for both positive and negative reasons. One such incident involved a bride who chose to make her own wedding cake. What started as an act of creativity and individuality quickly became a source of controversy, with people voicing their concerns online. However, this carefree girlfriend responded to the criticism with a booming message of self-assurance and happiness.

The bride made her own wedding cake because she liked to bake and wanted to add a personal touch to her big day. She had no idea how many harsh comments she would receive when images of the cake circulated on social media. Some questioned her skills, while others questioned her decision to emphasize baking instead of hiring a professional.

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A bride who went viral after making her own wedding cake defends her actions: ‘I’m not sweating’

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On May 15, wedding photographer Daniella Complete Photographer shared a video on Instagram of recent bridal client, Lilly Mendoza, putting the finishing touches on her five-tier wedding cake, which she baked from scratch.

“POV: You’re a pastry chef, so you make your wedding cake!” Mendoza recently graduated from the Culinary Institute of America with a degree in Applied Food Studies, he writes in the video’s caption.

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The cake had four frosted layers and an acrylic cake divider in the center with white flowers and greenery. It is finished with a swirling cascade of blue and white flowers, completing the centerpiece gift.

The bride who went viral for making her own wedding cake says sheInstagram/daniella_completeweddings

Although Mendoza’s bridal multitasking feat received millions of likes and hundreds of congratulatory comments on social media, the unfavorable comments caught the attention of the bride while she was on her honeymoon.

She claims she saw something, some things that weren’t sweet after seeing all the sights of her baked creation, which she describes as looking like a vanilla pound cake covered in caramel simple syrup and topped with caramel-flavored frosting.

“When I saw all the views and I like it, I said to my husband, ‘Baby, check this out!'” “And then I started reading the comments,” Mendoza reflects on the drop of the other shoe. “I probably spent an hour in our room reading these comments.” Many comments criticize the icing, the colors and even the intentions of the bride. She told this to

Mendoza says that reading the comments threatened to ruin their honeymoon. That is, until her husband, Active Duty Military Dennis Mendoza, suggested that he turn off his phone so they could appreciate her surroundings.

Let’s see some comments

It’s been quite some time since the video was shared on social media, and so far, it has amassed over 8.4 million views, 869,000 likes, and mixed user reactions.

In the comments section, you can see many comments. Some users couldn’t stop praising her, while others just criticized her for hiring someone to make the cake; others said that she saved her money; and much more.

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The bride who went viral for making her own wedding cake says sheInstagram/daniella_completeweddings

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