BlinkIt Added A Single Mode For Valentines Week

BlinkIt Added A Single Mode For Valentines Week

As Valentine’s Week begins, Zomato-owned rapid delivery grocery shop BlinkIt has added a ‘Single Mode’ to its app. 

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What happens when you turn on Single Mode in BlinkIt?

Users can switch to
Users can switch to ‘Single Mode’ to browse curated products | Image: Screenshot from BlinkIt Application

Users can switch to ‘Single Mode’ to browse curated products for parties with friends, binge-watching, and self-care products.

When the “Single Mode” is turned off, flowers, cards, chocolates, presents, and sexual wellness products are displayed. 

When the
When the “Single Mode” is turned off this is what the users see | Image: Screengrab from Blinkit application

BlinkIt has seen a rapid increase in orders this week

Meanwhile, the app has experienced an increase in orders ahead of Valentine’s Day, with the business saying that it has already sold more roses than on Rose Day 2023.  

The introduction of the additional capabilities indicates that BlinkIt intends to capitalize on the expanding trend of online gifting. The company faces competition from other online retailers, including Amazon and Flipkart, but it hopes that its emphasis on quick delivery would give it an advantage.  

What does the CEO have to say? 

The company’s CEO, Albinder Dhindsa, stated that he expects a higher peak in orders in the evening and is pleased that the company can assist so many people in sending Valentine’s Day gifts.   

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Blue line – today (rose day)Red line – chocolate day 2023Looks like we’ll easily sell more chocolates today than we did on chocolate day last year 🤯PS – graph is only for chocolate bar sales. Chocolate gift pack sales are separate.

— Albinder Dhindsa (@albinder) February 7, 2024

It’s still early days, but BlinkIt’s new features look to be popular with clients. Albinder stated that 20% of all orders placed since morning have been through its “Order for Someone Else flow”. This shows that there is a desire for curated gifting choices, which BlinkIt is well positioned to meet. 

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