Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 8th October 2023: Today’s Written Update

Bigg boss tamil 7

Given that the general public is looking for information about its most recent developments, we’ll chat about Bigg Boss 7 Tamil below. The general public uses the internet to discover more about the show, and they also like to know about its most recent update and who is most likely to be eliminated this week. So, for the benefit of our readers, we have provided information about Bigg Boss 7 Tamil in this article. In addition, because people are looking for information on the show’s most current update and who is most likely to be eliminated this week online, we will also provide such information. To learn more, read the rest of the article.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 8th October 2023

The beds from the Jahannum House were removed as part of Bigg Boss’ punishment. Bigg Boss relented after hearing the inmate’s plea and agreed to return the bedding for the girls but only if Armaan, Kushal, or Asif were forced to spend the entire night in the cage that had been left outside. Tanisha bravely decides to stay with him the entire night, while Armaan offers to spend the entire night in the cage. After sitting in the cage for a very long time and asking how long he had to wait for a response, Armaan was spotted growing restless. He got into a verbal fight with Asif out of frustration as Tanisha was observed berating Asif for being insensitive and Asif laughing at his predicament.

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Bigg boss tamil 7

Tanisha became frustrated after making numerous pleas and receiving no response, so she resolved to free Armaan on her own. Later on in the day, Bigg Boss summoned Armaan into the confessional and informed him that although he came very close to succeeding, he did not. Bigg Boss then informed him that he had given him another chance to finish serving his sentence. Later, Bigg Boss made an announcement about the beginning of the luxury budget assignment, known as aamdani athhani, kharcha rupaiya, in which the jahannum-wasis must generate income. If the Jahannum-was want anything from the Jannat-side, they must pay them and purchase all commodities, including food, drinkable water, and hot water for bathing.

In addition, because they are also serving as the bank, they must deposit the first 500 notes they print with the jannat-wasis. They won’t be able to purchase food or other items until they have placed the first 500 notes. The costs of the items that are for sale are left up to the discretion of the heaven-mates. The jannat-wasis refused to give Armaan breakfast after the assignment began, displeasing Tanisha and Gauahar who said that what they were doing was unfair.

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