Believe It Or Not, This UK University Is Offering A Master's Degree In 'Magic And Occult Science'

Believe It Or Not, This UK University Is Offering A Master's Degree In 'Magic And Occult Science'

A British institution has announced that it’s starting a postgraduate degree program that will explore the history of witchcraft and other related fields. The decision has sparked an intense debate in academic circles and within the general public, with some welcoming it. In contrast, others raise questions about the legitimacy of such a program. 

With the UK’s first postgraduate degree in magic and the occult, you may now advance your interest in crystals, manifesting your dream board or learning about witchcraft, as per reports.

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Who Is The Course Instructor?

An associate professor in medieval Arabic literature, Professor Emily Selove will head the new program.

What Is The Name Of The Course Being Offered?

An Occult And Magic Master
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By offering a postgraduate degree in ‘Magic and Occult Science’–which examines the background and influences of witchcraft and magic on society and science throughout history–the university hopes to capitalise on the subjects’ growing popularity.

It has been popular in recent years to “dismiss the study of magic and the occult,” according to the belief that it is “no longer of importance to modern people,'”

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Prof. Emily Selove explains. This has changed now though, she added.

Where Is The Course Going To Be Offered?

The course is going to be offered at the University of Exeter, in the United Kingdom.

The Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies will house the postgraduate program, which, according to Prof. Selove, acknowledges “the profound debt of Western culture and science to the Arabo-Islamic world, a history that has been erased in creating our false picture of the West as uniquely rational.”  

When Can Prospective Students Sign Up For It?

An Occult And Magic Master
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The interdisciplinary degree program, which launches in September 2024, will use history, literature, philosophy, archaeology, sociology, psychology, drama, and religion to demonstrate the significance of magic in both the West and the East.

Why Was Such An Unconventional Course Added In The First Place?

Prof Selove explained that the most pressing issues facing our society are at the centre of the recent upsurge in interest in magic and the occult both inside and outside academia. The main focus of this program is decolonisation, alternative epistemological investigation, feminism, and anti-racism. 

The course will blend conventional Western academic methods with more unconventional ones, and students can finish their dissertations through performance pieces. Furthermore, this particular program aims to provide pupils with critical thinking, creative thinking, curiosity and lifelong learning abilities.

The legend of King Arthur, palaeography, Islamic thought, archaeological theory and practice, the representation of women in the Middle Ages, the book in medieval and early modern Europe, gender, society and culture in early modern Europe, and the philosophy of psychedelics are among the modules that students will have the option of taking.  

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How Are People Reacting?

An Occult And Magic Master
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Since the course’s introduction, more than 100 questions have been made to the university, according to Prof. Selove.

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