Beat That! 24-Year-Old UK Woman Works As A Wedding Dog Chaperone & Earns Rs 30,000 A Day


A Scottish woman turned her love for dogs and weddings into a profitable business by acting as a wedding dog chaperone.

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Who is the woman who works as a wedding dog chaperone? 

Oliva Thompson
Olivia Thompson / SWNS

Oliva Thompson, from Edinburgh, chose the industry because she is “obsessed” with anything related to weddings and considers it as her dream job.

Before launching her company, the 24-year-old worked as an administrative assistant who walked puppies during her lunch hour.

She went home in March after seeing Southeast Asia and Australia and decided to combine her love for dogs with weddings. 

What does she exactly do as a wedding dog chaperone?

Olivia Thompson / SWNS

Olivia told the Daily Star that she had always wanted to be a wedding planner but found it difficult to acquire a position in the business due to her lack of expertise.

Olivia accepted a position as an event sales assistant at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, where she gained experience with weddings. After three weeks, she decided to leave and launch her dog chaperone business, combining her love of dogs with weddings.

“You could have dogs at the botanical gardens.” ‘Who is looking after the dogs?’ I wondered. “I realized that dogs bring me the most joy, and I adore weddings,” she continued.

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When did she start earning? 

Olivia has attended four weddings since establishing her business in June, earning around £300 (around Rs 30,000) per day. To supplement her income, she began walking dogs on the side. 

She explained that she frequently meets with couples who are getting ready to hitch before their big day to find out whatever she needs to know, see the dog’s behaviour, and understand their needs. 

How does this business work? 

wedding dog chaperone
Olivia Thompson / SWNS

She went on to say that numerous clients had booked her for the photos. Olivia revealed that at one of the weddings, she had to go up the aisle with a dog and admitted that she was apprehensive because it was her first wedding when her client wanted her to be a part of the ceremony. 

“So far, every dog has been well-behaved. I’m looking forward to the day when they aren’t,” she remarked.
Olivia has bookings until 2026 and enjoys seeing the different sites and seeing the brides in their wedding gowns. 

Olivia and her electrician partner Conor just welcomed Ginny, a 10-week-old Hungarian Vizsla dog, into their household. She has thought of including Ginny as a ring bearer alongside the bridesmaid or maid of honour on her wedding day when the time comes. 

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