‘Banana Pani Puri’ Sold By Gujarat Street Vendor Sparks Debate Online

'Banana Pani Puri' Sold By Gujarat Street Vendor Sparks Debate Online

Pani Puri, also known as golgappa, puchka, or pani patashe, is a popular Indian street food snack. The filling usually includes mashed potatoes, chickpeas, onions, and a mix of spices, but what is not included is a plantain.

However, a vendor in Gujarat added a banana to a golgappa and it didn’t sit well with pani puri fans.

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A hawker in Gujarat added a banana to pani puri and it’s not the vibe!

Hurt Food Feelings Of Pani Puri Lovers At TLIntroducing Banana Chana Pani Puri🙈 pic.twitter.com/961X9wnuLz

—Mohamed Futurewala (@MFuturewala) June 22, 2023

One of the street foods that we like to eat is pani puri. On a hot day, drinking cold spicy water with a poor crunch is relaxing. While everyone enjoys the traditional pani puri made with boiled potatoes and hot water, have you ever heard of a ‘banana pani puri?’

A Gujarati street vendor came up with this unusual combination in a recent food experiment that has gone viral online. In a video posted on Twitter by Mohammed Futurewala, a street vendor is seen serving ‘banana pani puri’ to customers. Instead of boiled potatoes, the peddler added plantains.

The man in the video is seen peeling bananas and placing them in a bowl with chickpeas, herbs and spices. He then he serves the pani puri to the customers.

The video’s caption reads, “Hurting the food feelings of Pani Puri lovers in TL. Introducing Banana Chana Pani Puri.”

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The highlight of pani puri is the flavored water, known as ‘pani’, which is prepared with tamarind, mint, coriander and various spices. The puris are packed with the filling and then pani is poured into them, creating an explosion of flavors when consumed in one bite.

The video didn’t really go down well with foodies online; this is what they said.

Pani Puri stuffed with banana channa 👇 Indians have no limits for innovations in gastronomy 😊 https://t.co/3Cq9NMVDVM

— Dr. Meeta Ruparel (@DrMeetaRuparel) June 22, 2023

Is it okay to cry your heart out over this? Ripe banana and peas in pani puri. There are no prizes for guessing where this is. https://t.co/QfsFKPzZCK

— Vikas Navratna (@vikasnavaratna) June 23, 2023

I would rather die than see this BRUTAL HUMILIATION AND MUTILATION of my LOVE 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲 https://t.co/FvbLYncGjX

— Frog Roy (@ ranitaroy24) June 23, 2023

This is what has caused the epidemic of marwadi in street food. They have taken advantage of the eternal amdavadi lust for the new and tasty with the lowest possible level. https://t.co/L4UL2PChBz

– What’s in a name? (@SlyandSulk) June 22, 2023

why why https://t.co/i2m9zU6lMk

— PHOTOBABA ☕️ (@fotobaba) June 22, 2023

Where does pani puri come from?

It is believed to have originated in the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh or Bihar. The concept of hollow puris filled with flavorful ingredients is not unique to pani puri. Similar dishes like phulkis and phuchkas have been enjoyed in different regions of India for centuries.

These early versions often consisted of fried bread stuffed with various fillings and served with hot sauces. Over time, pani puri evolved into its current form, with unique variations in different parts of the country.

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In North India, it is known as golgappa or puchka, while in Maharashtra it is called pani puri. Each region has its own distinctive style of preparing the dish, with different flavors and ingredients used in the filling and pani.

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