Apple Music Classic launches on Android

Apple Music Classic launches on Android

Android users must have an Apple One plan or an Apple Music Individual ($10.99/mo), Student ($5.99/mo), or Family ($16.99/mo) subscription.

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The classic standalone Apple Music app is now available on Android (opens in a new window).

Apple Music Classical lands on Android for those with an Apple Music subscription roughly two months after it hit the iPhone. As 9to5Mac(Opens in a new window) points out, the streaming service launches on Google’s mobile operating system before other Apple platforms, like the iPad or Mac.

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Apple Music Classic streams up to 192 kHz and 24-bit lossless Hi-Res audio, and supports sound enhancements like spatial audio and Dolby Atmos for some tracks. For less experienced classical music fans, the app offers hundreds of Essentials playlists, composer biographies, and in-depth guides to many key works.

In our 3.5/5 star review of Apple Music Classical (for iPhone), we noted that it was a “good deal” for classical music fans who already subscribe to the higher tiers of Apple Music. However, classical music app competitor Idagio has superior search options, while Qobuz has higher-quality recordings.

To listen to Apple Music Classical on Android, you need to have an Apple Music subscription, specifically, an Individual ($10.99/mo), Student ($5.99/mo), Family ($16.99/mo), or Apple One plan. Subscribers to Apple Music’s voice-only tier ($4.99/month) should upgrade to those other tiers to bathe in some Bach.

Apple’s classic ambitions date back to 2021, when it acquired (and shut down) Dutch classic streaming service Primephonic. Apple Music Classical borrows some of its features, such as a search bar that allows users to find music based on composer, director, work, or catalog number.

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