Another strange food trend: will you try Gol Gappe chocolate?

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A video featuring an interesting twist on the popular Indian street food Gol Gappe (also known as Pani Puri) has recently gone viral on social media platforms. Instead of the usual sour and salty components, the video featured chocolate-filled Gol Gappas.

However, instead of satisfying viewers, the unusual mix has sparked a wave of criticism and dissatisfaction among netizens. This unusual fusion of flavors has sparked controversy on the internet, with many voicing their dissatisfaction and criticizing the concept.

The video, which soon went viral on social media, shows the process of making Gol Gappas with chocolate filling. Instead, gol gappas are for ice cream, chocolate, and other things. The resulting sweet twist on the popular street dish has gotten a lot of attention, but not in the way the creators probably hoped.

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And it’s time to leave the earth because a new invention has come out: it’s Chocolate Gol Gappe

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‘bhukkadbawa’, a food blogger page on Instagram, has shared the video. In the clip, you can see the maker dip the gol gappas completely into the chocolate, then scoop them out onto a plastic plate. He is then seen adding some sev to the gol gappa. Then comes some padding; It started with vanilla ice cream, and then comes the strawberry ice cream. The time has come to garnish the gol gappas, and for that, the vendor boy used strawberry syrup; the next one was chocolate syrup; then again he added the sev to complete the look.

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But the question is, are you willing to try this? Because, according to the comments section, no one is ready to take on this challenge.

The video received a strong negative response from many viewers as it traveled the internet. Traditionalists and food purists have voiced their dissatisfaction, claiming that combining chocolate and Gol Gappas damages the authenticity and legacy of the famous street food. Many people thought this was a gimmick and an unnecessary attempt to cash in on viral phenomena.

Let’s see how the internet reacted to this viral video

It has been quite some time since the video was shared on social media and so far, it has garnered more than 901,000 views, 15.9,000 likes, and many comments.

In the comment section users just feel disguised as gol gappas are not just famous in any city but all over India. So when an upcoming video like this is sure to upset social media users, your feelings in the comments are your emotions for Gol Gapas.

Some users think that this mashup has acquired a reputation for gol gappas, while others simply wonder why people do such things.


what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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