51 Popular And Unique Christian Baby Girl Names Starting With The Letter G In May 2023


Naming a child is a great occasion that can be enhanced with a beautiful name for the child.

Is it great news that you and your spouse are expecting a child, or bad news because you just welcomed a girl into your home? In all circumstances, you should be looking for a baby name. Also, naming a child is a great occasion that can be enhanced with a nice name for the child.

“What’s in a name?” Wrote William Shakespeare. A name is the only thing that describes the entire personality and individuality of your child. The name you give her will simply distinguish her from the other people in the room. Surprisingly, naming a child is one of the most important, memorable and auspicious days in the life of any parent.

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A name can also have particular characteristics, such as being easy to pronounce, fitting one’s personality, pleasant to listen to, and having significant meaning. Finding the perfect name for your child can be difficult, but it’s worth the effort. So without further ado, we have compiled a list of some of the most amazing, simple and distinctive names for you to choose from.

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Unique Christian baby names with the letter “G”

  1. Gaylia – A form of gail
  2. Gayna – A familiar form of guinevere
  3. Gayora – Valley of Light
  4. Gazit – Smooth stone
  5. Geena – A woman of good birth
  6. Gefen – Vine
  7. Genee – A man of good birth
  8. Genesis – Beginning
  9. Genesis – Origin
  10. Genevieve – Altruistic
  11. Genna – Woman
  12. Gennevieve – White Wave; White skin
  13. Geona – Glorification
  14. Georgeann: a combination of georgia and ann
  15. Gabbriel – Heroine of God
  16. Gabby – From the name Gabrielle
  17. Gabreila – God is her strength
  18. Gabrielle – Strong, By faith in God
  19. Gaby – Dedicated
  20. Gailine – A form of gail
  21. Gaille – happy
  22. Gali – Hill, Mound, Fountain, Spring
  23. Galiana – vaulted
  24. Galilee – Sloping Hills
  25. Galya – Redeemed, Happy
  26. Win – Means a group of people or a troop
  27. Georgiana – A form of georgeanna
  28. Georgianna – bright eyes
  29. Georgie – Shameless
  30. Georgina – Earthy
  31. Geraldine – Strong
  32. Gerarda – Brave Spearwoman
  33. Gerry – Leader
  34. Geva – Hill
  35. gia-lovely
  36. Gaia – From Earth
  37. Giana – God is merciful
  38. Gardenia – Botany: a sweet-smelling flower
  39. Garyn – Slender
  40. Gavrila – God is my strength
  41. Gay – Happy or Cheerful, Jolly
  42. Gayla – Planner
  43. Gayle – Glee
  44. Gaylee – A foreigner/one who is lighthearted
  45. Georgene – Wandering
  46. Georgia – South, Cordial
  47. Gelilah – Rolling Hills
  48. Gella – golden hair genesis
  49. Twin – Twin
  50. Gemma – Jewel Like
  51. Gene – Woman
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